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Forums - General Discussion - What's the best thing you have ever stole?

I'm not on about serious theft, if you steal you are breaking the law, I don't condone that. but random things you have seen in the street etc... and thought "I so have to have that", things like road cones and street signs (just an example, make it funnier than that, cos i'm bored and need a laugh).

 One of the best ones that I have is a newspaper board from some devonshire newspaper with the haedlines "paignton tree fall drama" and "parking warden booked for parking car illegaly"

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Heh at one of my mates parties we got a collection of road signs in a drinking game, basically if you couldn't find the proposed sign in a certain amount of time you had to finish your drink.

Oh and the last day of sixth form we took all of the classroom labels from our school which was fun (it's a big school).

once when i was 11 yrs old i stole someone christmas decorations as a dare by my cousin.

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I haven't stolen anything.....

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DarkNight_DS said:
I haven't stolen anything.....

Nothing? not even a traffic cone

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Ummm ... a box of matches ... Oh , one time we took out every lightbulbs from a street ... it was fun , but unfotunatly they put new ones next time :(

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Stole some traffic cones and we played this one game to see who can take the most bobble head thingys on people's car antennaes. Fun stuff.

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Stole a ticket in 2nd grade (without paying for it, of course) to get pizza in lunch.

One time a storm came and broke one of these into a bunch of pieces on the ground. From one of those gaint on a post taller then the building signs.


As such i have a giant "Fries" sign in my basement... as that was the only one unshattered.

Of course I stole it likely half a day before it ended up in a dumpster... but still. 

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