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Oh , once we stole off all signs from a Taxi to ... you knwo , the ones that are attached with a magnet ... man we where rude :?

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I work part time in a big warehouse with lots of food so sometimes I´ll steal snacks for after work... can´t tell how many traffic stuff I´ve stolen over the years... I always give them to my cousin... his party cellar looks like construction site... even a old traffic ligth I snaged once... but not from a dangerous place since it was out anyway




i stole a PS2 demo out of a game store before when i was 13 years old. it was worth considering the wealth of content on the PS2 DVD.

I don't know if it's theft, but there was this time when i was like 8, when i bought a really cheap ice cream and when i went to the fridge to take it out, i took out a more expensive one .... i felt like crap for days and then went to leave the difference in money to the store =(, i just couldn't live with that ...

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a sign for the Summer X-Games when the were in Philadelphia for the second time. It had fallen down so we picked it up and took it home with us. I don't have it any more, but it was pretty cool.

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Well, I used to make a habbit of stealing them little chocolate footballs in Tescos and other shops that have pic-n-mix. I stopped when my parents found out (I had all chocolate around my mouth when I went to catch up with them as they were leaving the store.)

What was I thinking????? That cheap-chocolate tastes like arse.

I stole a tape measure once. That's pretty much it.

a big coil of magnesium from chemistry, my eyes will never be the same again :(

A lot of stuff, most of which I don't remember. I haven't stole in a long time though. One I do remember is that I stole a couple of my friends Yu-Gi-Oh cards when I was younger, But he had a lot of them so I don't think he noticed.

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I once stole a hotel breakfast

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