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Forums - Gaming Discussion - When are you going to jump on the next gen bandwagon?


when are you going to jump on the next gen bandwagon?

At launch. Have to get th... 43 31.16%
6 months from now. I can wait a bit. 24 17.39%
1 year from now. I like taking my time. 17 12.32%
over a year from now. slo... 18 13.04%
I have no interest going ... 7 5.07%
this poll is stupid. 16 11.59%
PC master race. 13 9.42%

The millisecond that the clock turns 12:00 AM, November 15.

All of this, of course, is just my opinion.

Skyrim 100%'d. Dark Souls 100%'d. 
Dark Souls > Skyrim.
Halo 4 is the best damn FPS since Halo 3.
Proud pre-orderer of 2 PS4's and an Xbox One. 

Currently Playing: Dark Souls II, South Park
Playstation 4: MGS V GZ, Killzone: Shadow Fall, NBA 2k14.

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Next Gen Gamer since 2012. Wii U for life ni**er.

When the Xbox One gets either a price cut or the white version is at stores.

February earliest mid range at December next year Feb 2015 latest

PS One/2/p/3slim/Vita owner. I survived the Apocalyps3/Collaps3 and all I got was this lousy signature.

Xbox One: What are you doing Dave?

Whenever I clear my backlog. Might take a few years.

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When I'm damn good and ready!

Early next year. Not sure if I'm getting a Wii U or PS4 first but I'll be getting them both within a few months of each other. I'm trying to decide whether Infamous/The Order 1886 are more or less important to me than MK/Smash. Once more info for these games (mostly The Order) comes out I'll make my decision.

The gen started in early 2011 with the 3DS.

Love and tolerate.

I've had a 3ds for 2 years or so, and a 3dsxl since December last year, but I don't know if handheld generations & home console generations really line up together - since there's only truly been 5. (GB, GBC, GBA, DS, 3DS generations - I don't count "single title/game devices" like Tiger LCD games etc.

@Salnax: I think you made your point pretty clear.

OT: The current next gen started for me last year on console when I bought a Wii U at launch and this year on handheld when I bought a Fire Emblem 3DS XL bundle.