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when are you going to jump on the next gen bandwagon?

At launch. Have to get th... 43 31.16%
6 months from now. I can wait a bit. 24 17.39%
1 year from now. I like taking my time. 17 12.32%
over a year from now. slo... 18 13.04%
I have no interest going ... 7 5.07%
this poll is stupid. 16 11.59%
PC master race. 13 9.42%

bought the black friday white Vita assassin's creed bundle last november and planning on getting the PS4 maybe holiday 2014 or later since i'm not close of being done with my PS3.

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Got a 3DS on launch day!

However, I'm planning on getting a Wii U and a PS4 sometime down the line. I'm thinking Wii U next year when Smash 4 comes out and PS4 a year or two after.

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Super Mario Galaxy will pass Super Mario 64 in total sales CORRECT!

I'm finally going to cancel my pre order and wait until I hear about any hardware failures etc..... If I get the green light in that department I'll buy PS4 a few months after launch.

Picked up a 3DS in 2011 and a Wii U last year so I've been in the 8th Gen for a while. Together they're keeping me pretty ocupied but I picked up a PS3 this year to catch up on some the 7th gen stuff I missed. The combo should keep me occupied for a while (at least well into 2014) right now I'm thinking about picking up a PSVita around this time next year if it gets just a few more games I think I'll like.

As for if/when I will buy a PS4 and/or XB1? Maybe 2016/2017 if the prices drop quick enough and there are good bundles also the possibility of 360 Backwards compatibility through the cloud for XB1 (it was mentioned at one point but could very well be blowing smoke) would be a factor as well as I don't have a 360 (decided to get the PS3 after weighing their respective libraries, but there are still some 360 games I am interested in)

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There's not many consoles I've bought during the first month.

Playstation, Xbox 360, Wii and DS (phat) - and of those - I'd only preordered the 360 and DS.

That said - I've got no problem buying a console at launch. So what if it's $100 cheaper a year later? That's $2 a week early adopters have paid to play the system for a year. So what if the releases get even better down the track? That usually happens anyway, first year, second year, third year - and on until the next generation begins....

It also means you can start working on the new Gen backlog earlier!

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Seems youre a little late. As many pointed out it started last year.

already have with 3DS and WiiU

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

When a game that I must have comes out + a price cut. This is usually how it is for me with any new system.

The next generation starts when the OP says it does!

Already own a next-gen console

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