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Talal said:
I really wanted Ajax to go through. It would have been so epic and funny if all Italian teams got knocked out.

Zenit St Petersburg, 6 points to qualify, mad how much the club. Ajax team third. Ajax participate in the European Cup. Regardless. See Ajax performance. I am very optimistic about him. His transformation is obvious. I believe he is still a long way ahead. I've been an ample supply of Ajax shirt in .

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Napoli :(


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NiKKoM said:
supermariouniverse said:
Napoli :(

Ridiculous how close they were to going through....Dortmund had to get that late goal. Such a killer group.

Juve pays for leaving everything to the last game.

They are german.. of course they get a late winning goal.. thats like the one thing you can count on in life..

Hahahaha yeah you are right...reminds me of those two late goals Dortmund got against Malaga in the last Champions League :P


Oh well, still very impressed with Napoli's performance today against Arsenal!

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We just had to get Manchester City...

Really hope the team picks up by that time.

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Arsenal - Bayern
Man City - Barcelona
seems to be the matche to watch


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Man City vs Barcelona is perfect... if either go out, I'll be happy.

Hmm, pie.

Quite a few journalists say that Dortmund has an easy game... I disagree. February in Russia is always a tough one and Hulk is one of the best offensive players in the world.

Olympiacos or Galatasaray would have been much easier IMO.

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Just notice that I'm putting my money on ALL the teams that play away first..


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Bayern seem okay with it

If results go as I expect will leave leave three Spanish, three German, and two English sides. Maybe I'll be surprised and see an upset.