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Forums - Sony Discussion - Concerning Fact - Sony has yet to show anything running on an actual PS4

Pre-order cancelled.

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This is just an example of how supply constrained Sony is right now. They can't even make enough consoles for even themselves to use. My guess is that these devkits are for demonstration purposes and will then be given to indie devs, which could make sense if the idea is to sell as many as possible. Why waste boxed consoles on a convention.
Or maybe I'm just trying to rationalize this.
Still don't see how it is concerning though, unless the implication is that ps4 is getting delayed again.

why on earth would that be a concern, a retail PS4 will only run final signed code, everyone is still developing games, no one has gone to print yet.

ID bet MS has yet to show anything running on a retail Xbox One, just because there dev kit is the same size as the shown retail kit, does not mean weve seen the game running on a final Xbox One.

Nothing to worry about. No way that the systems ain't ready this close to launch.

Jim Ryan recently said in an interview "We’re just getting going with the factory production". Which sounds to me like they haven't even started producing them so obviously they aren't going to be using "actual" PS4's.

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Shu has called this guy out many times before on twitter. Can't wait to see the funny tweet that awaits.

MohammadBadir said:

the ghost of VGChartz has spoken.

The ghost of ioi :O

I believe what he means by this is that the components in the dev kits are surrounded by bigger cases than in retail units.

Maybe he is worried about not seeing a fully functional PS4 because of how small the case is and he thinks that it might have heating issues. ala xbox 360 launch units.

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He is sayng this console case is different from the retail one? I can't really said that from pictures.

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