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Forums - Sony Discussion - Concerning Fact - Sony has yet to show anything running on an actual PS4

so theyve being running on dev kits? lol, are we supposed to feel some sort of way about this. Dev kits are console speced but with additional resources for trouble shooting and workflow. If He said sony were demoing their games on some monster PC rigs then I would be concerned

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ironmanDX said:
Wow, to think only few months ago the Xbox ONE was bashed on this site for using different hardware... Where are those people now, I wonder? Not bashing the PS4 obviously. We're 3 months out from it's release... come on guys?!? Where are you?

For using PCs, not dev kits

IamAwsome said:
the-pi-guy said:
IamAwsome said:
Who is this guy?????

Scott Lowe is the Executive Editor of the Tech channel at

Lol I mean the OP.

Lol, sorry.  He's the ghost of VGChartz.  Ask JayWood about him, he's the one to make a thread about it.  

So Sony requested an "unlimited supply" for pre-order for the PS4. The PS4 has a date release. Even after the "unlimited supply" has been dried out, Sony is still taking pre-order and say that they do not promise day one delivery... They have over 1 millions pre orders around the world.
So let's assume they have heating issue, that will be the dumbest move ever to keep taking those pre orders while knowing your product is deficient with less than 3 months to release.
And in case they were to be that dumb, Xbox one can raise it prices to $600 and still win next gen

This doesn't seems to make sense. The machines at Gamescom were the same size as the PS4, looked like the PS4 and ran PS4 games. Yet he is worried that they can't make a PS4?

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