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Come on Pokemon....
^^ It's lagging behind BW, no data for DP


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Still no GT6.

Gta on 360 is Crushing the competition.

360 domination all over the place.

After such a fail gamescom, I doubt preorders for next gen are going to go up much in the next few weeks, especially for new IP's. Titanfall showing was amazing, not sure why perorders are not.

Im actually impressed with Disney Infinity, based off the numbers it should debut at about 400k

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ktay95 said:
tbone51 said:
GTA beasting like crazy, Im suprised, i totally forgot about disney game, wii still not dead i see lol!

Pokemon xy getting hyped! i think the game wont have as much pre orders but first couple weeks.... its a wrap :0

do you know how XY is doing compared to DP and BW? it feels like its not doing to great

X/Y are actually doing so much better than B/W versions because there's only 33 millions of 3DS users right now and they were +130 millions of DS users when the B/W came out.  

Pokemon X/Y at around half of what B&W was.

I can't wait for X/Y! My next gen experience starts soon! Xbox ONE only a couple of months later!

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Aren't X/Y supposed to be having more?