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  • Kinect is mandatory: the fact that everyone will own the souped up motion controller means it might finally be able to reach its full potential.
  • The controller is king: Xbox controller is arguably one of the best ever.
  • Innovation: Although it's now canned, the DRM meant that discs weren't needed after the initial install and all your games could be played on another Xbox. Not only that but the (also defunct) Family Share feature would have slashed costs for households and allowed you to nominate 10 "family members" to access your library. It shows, at least, that Microsoft is trying to innovate and drag us into the digital era.
  • HDMI In: Watching the televised football while hacking zombies to death would be great.
  • Xbox Live still trumps PS+: PlayStation Plus is now mandatory to play online so the whole argument about the exorbitant cost of Live has been watered down somewhat.
  • The games look great: Sony's exclusives didn't show such a great leap forward from current gen titles for me.

Xbox and PlayStation owners can rest assured, however, that whichever system they opt for, this generation is shaping up nicely. For me, it's the Xbone that's going to be first out the box - purely because its promise and potential seems far greater. The PS4 can wait.

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Nice story bro good luck lol but u should know one thing,,, all the exclusive games Sony  showed are coming within launch window expect The Order. All the exclusive games MS showed only 2 comming on launch.

What's up with your post? It's all blocky and weird looking. Hard to read on mobile.

Fixed it.

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Dem opinions.


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Well, can't really debate since its his opinion on the matter.

MDMAlliance said:
Dem opinions.

Both have good lineups, similar social/online features, comparable power, no drm etc. The difference is even less so than between PS360. At this point first parties and motion controls is all you need to consider if you have to pick one over the other.