Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Who here lost interest in the XBOX brand, and is done with it?

Are you now NOT planning on getting an XBOX ONE?

I am NOT going to get an ... 316 54.30%
I AM getting an XBOX ONE. 107 18.38%
Show results. 159 27.32%
sales2099 said:

With such bad PR they would have to.

Sony changed their policy....they had the luxury of not saying their origional plans and therefore changed them in time.

LOL! Sony didn't change anything. They have been saying the same thing since reveal. #dealwithit

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sales2099 said:
bananaking21 said:
sales2099 said:
The games are very enticing. Its just the policies that need to change. And they will change.

no doubt the games looked good. but do you honestly believe the policies will change?

Well im saying this much.....even I won't buy a X1 if these polocies dont change.

Free Lending, free used game policy, and 24 hour connection are simple things that shouldn't be tampered with. MS would HAVE to follow suit with SOny on this one to remain competitive in NA, nevermind Europe/Japan.

i never thought i would hear those words from you! is this the real sales?

i hope they change these policies, the games looked really good and they are finally putting in some decent effort in their exclusive lineup. but i just dont see them changing

Me too  :)

My bro tried per-order one for me at Gamrstop, but it was sold out. I end up per-ordering a PS4 on Amazon after watching Sony E3 conference. The funny thing is GameStop called this morning to let my bro know that their some XB1 available, lol.

I never had any interest in it in the first place. Now I think many that had just lost interest forever.

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I already pre-ordered my PS4 at Amazon


Have my X1 and my PS4 preordered and as of right now I have no reason to cancel either of them.

My stance on the X1 hasnt changed. I wanted games, they showed me games, but I still have more questions that are unanswered about the X1.

By now I an undecided! 50/50 ps4/xbone.

Forever is a long time, Titanfall was the best game at the show and Insomniac's game was interesting, but for the price, I'm not willing to buy one at launch. The DRM issue is not big for me personally, but lending games to friends is, it'll take quite a few big games and a hefty price cut to convince me to pick up the X1 anytime soon.

Its the price/other things of the xbox one that made me lose interest at launch.