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Both PS4 and Xbox One will have Juicy Graphics.

So what will make them different.

Software and Innovation.

Xbox Live and Kinect.

Xbox Live will attract millions of gamers and non-gamers and so will Kinect.

Microsoft has the momentum and the lead in both of these areas.


.................and for all those that don't think Xbox One will play videogames just look at the pic below and you will see what is to be in the near future.



















Delicious Bluray Disk Games on  Xbox One and PS4.



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Hasn't this always been the case? Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

Otakumegane said:
Hasn't this always been the case?

True, but I have noticed lately people bragging about a certain console being 20% faster than another certain console.

While not realizing that that 20% difference will not help said console, but software and innovation will.

Innovation my ass, they just take something that's available else where and put in on their consoles

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chapset said:
Innovation my ass, they just take something that's available else where and put in on their consoles

Which company are you talking about?

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Wow! great discovery!

You must be tuckered out, being in constant defense mode.

I don't see much innovation in "Xbox, change the channel".
The remote control was doing it before it was "cool".

The power matters to me,it's not the most important thing but it's a part of the picture.

If the the xbox one was more powerful this thread would not have been created.

Im seeing more Xbox defence threads instead of actual real threads with people being excited for the console.


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Innovation isn't as marketable as graphics, and with development costs companies can't afford to take chances.

I expect lots of shooters and games with amazing graphics and sub-par to good gameplay that is easily marketed.