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    Jega An faster Xbox One is exciting.
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    < Jega updated his status:

    An faster Xbox One is exciting.

    Skies of Arcadia HD would be more exciting :P

    on 05 March 2016

    A new RPG from Sega would be even better.

    on 05 March 2016

    i don't trust current Sega with anything lol

    Skies HD and VC3 port and I'll be happy

    on 05 March 2016

    < COKTOE posted something on Jega's wall:

    Have some more VGChartz points. On me. You get them from wall posts right?

    < Sprash posted something on Jega's wall:

    It's about 2X bigger than the competition, so it will take up way more space on the TV unit.

    It has an inferior GPU and memory when compared to it's nearest competitor.

    It's more expensive.

    The packed in controller is inferior to the competition.

    The system doesn't have anywhere near as many exclusives, be it games that are either outright exclusive to that one system or games that you can't get on the rival system.

    Fewer and less established 1st party developers, with much less acclaim than the competition.

    Smaller install base, thus the online community is way smaller than PS4.

    MS doesn't seem to care to sort many of these issues out.

    MS are all talk and no action.

    No ability to swap out the internal HDD for a new one.

    Weaker multiplats than PS4.

    The cons seem absolutely clear, personally I've been open to MS showing me games that may interest me, but it's mostly the same old milked stuff, very little fresh ideas and practically nothing new from 1st party.

    It doesn't have Horizon Zero Dawn (which has been outright stated to be coming next year), no Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank coming, along with amazing things like Dreams.

    No No Man's Sky, no Bloodborne, no Tearaway Unfolded, no Driveclub, tonnes more you just can't play on it.

    Lack of Sony's quality 1st party studios, that have been baking tonnes of exclusives and thinking about how to step up their game.

    Hell even Wii U actually has a far bigger line-up of exclusives and other bonuses, like a cheaper price, smaller box, the Tablet Screen, rechargeable controllers. Nintendo's quality and proven studios.

    I'd definitely buy a Wii U before I'd get an XB1 as my 2nd console. As for this nonsense about saying your PS4 has been gathering dust, I don't buy it. People don't spend money on something they have no interest in, especially a console, which quite frankly you could take that money and buy more multiplats for your XB1 or whatever system you game on, just buy more games for your chosen platform.

    Just my personal perspective on the matter.

    < Sprash posted something on Jega's wall:

    Answers to the thread you made about the cons of the xbox one I will never buy because it isn't for me.

    < Sprash posted something on Jega's wall:

    Weaker hardware than the main competitor (PS4).

    Controller still using batteries (opinion, doesn't have to be a con if you're ok with this)

    Other controller features (opinion, personally not a fan of where the left stick is located)

    Lack of Japanese games compared to the PS4

    Lots of games being PS4 timed exclusive, console exclusive etc. due to the PS4's lead

    Lots of publishers signing marketing deals with Sony due to the PS4's lead. This can result in getting DLC later or not at all, CoD switching from Xbox to PS4 being a great example from where XB1 used to get all DLC a month earlier to now getting new maps 30 days later. Quite the difference.

    Lack of new, big franchises from Microsoft's own studios. What's the last time a Microsoft studio released a brand new AAA IP which succeeded and got one or multiple sequels?

    Lack of creative freedom for Microsoft's studios. While Sony allows Naughty Dog to stop with Uncharted, arguably Sony's biggest IP, Microsoft forms a new studio (The Coalition) who are now going to work on Gears of War, a 9 year old franchise. Meanwhile it looks like 343 will be doing nothing but Halo until Halo dies, and Turn 10 will do nothing but Forza until Forza dies. Really the only other 2 (possibly 3) Microsoft studios with AAA capability are Lionhead (locked on Fable) and Rare who finally got released from their Kinect nightmare. And then you have Decisive Games working on "a beloved strategy game", who knows if that will be true AAA. What Microsoft should have done is let The Coalition make a new IP and either get a new studio for GoW or let a 2nd party develop GoW.

    I already went over this kind of, but a lack of 1st party studios with AAA capabilities. Turn 10, 343 Studios, The Coalition, Rare, Lionhead and possibly Decisive Games. Which other studio has AAA capabilities? (correct me if I'm wrong, looking at this page I don't see any)

    These are all legitimate cons to me. And please, if I made any mistaked please correct me.

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    Why is Xbox One Now Outselling The PS4?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 November 2016

    Intrinsic said: Jega said: I mean over 1 million worldwide for Xbox One. PS4 Pro is $100 more than Xbox One S, for that reason I see Xbox winning november and december. Wait.... did the PS4s just stop to exist? Look at it this way, if in october MS sold 250k XB1s and sony sold 200k PS4s, whst that tells you is that right now there are still 200k people willing to buy the...


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