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Forums - Website Topics - Will VGChartz ever Cease to Exist? How would you feel?

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How would you feel?

It's just a site, who cares? 11 22.00%
I'd miss it a little, bu... 6 12.00%
I'd miss it quite a bit,... 11 22.00%
I'd miss it a lot... Not... 9 18.00%
I'd cry. A lot. 13 26.00%

Never gonna happen - it'll be here as long as I am

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ThatGreekGuy said:
I love the people here, I'd be sad.

me too..


ioi said:
Never gonna happen - it'll be here as long as I am

thanks x


A lot of times, video game media that go out of business are often a mere shadow of their former self. They go out with a whimper. At that time, it's almost a welcome thing to see them shut down.

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ioi said:
Never gonna happen - it'll be here as long as I am

This is all anyone needs to know. ioi is the boss. =)

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I would be pretty depressed actually. Ive been here since 2008 and this is pretty much the only forum I actively post in. Its already sad to see some well known posters from the old days leave but if the whole site went that would suck

ioi said:
Never gonna happen - it'll be here as long as I am

We will stand with you ioi!

OT: I would be somewhat sad. I think I would get over it pretty quickly, though. I would mostly miss the members that I really enjoyed talking with.

Otakumegane said:
I'd most likely go into the Neogaf forums then.

This which I usually do every now and then lol

I've been a member in other sites since 2006 or 2007 so....

The only thing I would miss would be the ability to post and to check out my game collection!

Probably wont miss that many people since I have majority of everyone I know either on PSN or Steam.


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I believe this is one of the reasons why they wanted to start Gameswise, its a simpler and more cost efficent model based more on user generated content. And I commend them for it.
I hardly think this place is going under though, its been experiencing growth every year and has one thing going for it that those others didn't; its unique, its about tracking and numbers, the forums, the news, the crew and the overall layout is based upon this while most of the now fading sites were thirteen on a dozen fare that offered much the same content and layout as everyone else.
Others are attempting to add boobs and other incentives to keep clicks and viewers, this tactic is also failing (G4TV says hello) since boobs are everywhere and viewers of gaming shows and programs actually care somewhat about the contents and not just boobs and gossip and shallow bullshit.

Keep on keeping on vgchartz!