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Forums - General Discussion - Do you hate?

Dont you guys hate?
Most people here seem to be so well educated, polite and sympathetic....
i just hate many posters here, if they were in front of me i would have severe trouble controlling myself and would end up beating the shit out of them, from my point of view their point of view is crap, and their brains and thoughts are crap, and the only thing that could keep me from just beating them would be that i dont like to touch shit.....

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The only thing I hate is when my girlfriend's step-brother schedules a wedding on my birthday. /pointless info

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This thread was made by happydolphin aka PADIBULLAH

Come at me, ho!

OP takes internet way too seriously...

Edit: Maybe I shouldn't have posted ... just gonna feed it :(...

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badgenome said:
Come at me, ho!

You got it wrong.

It's "come to me..."

I'm not even sure what to think...!
This whole thread is some weird butt place.


i hate it when natalie tran promised me lamingtons ages ago.... ok thats random