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spurgeonryan said:
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It certainly has not failed, and that is not the point of this thread. Not a total doom and gloom thread, but you are almost right. There is really nothing else to want if you have most of the third party ports already, and it is just another good Mario game. Did it get rave reviews like Galaxy 1 and 2 where Nintendo actually put in some effort? No. Is it a good game that would be a nice purchase with your wii U at some point? Yes.

I can't speak for what reviewers saw in the game, personally I think the game is excellent.  In my opinion, it is better than New Super Mario Bros. Wii.  The power-ups (i.e. Acorn Suit) and Yoshi's most remind me of the gameplay from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World.  The World map looks like a fully fleshed out World for the first time since Super Mario World, rather than the seemingly randomly boardgame style connected dots of NSMB Wii and NSMB 2 3DS.  Having played NSMB2 on 3DS, I have to say that the two games are completely different.  I liked NSMB2 just fine, but I am not completely hooked by it the way I was on NSMBU from the very first stage.  So, I completely disagree with the notion that NSMBU is a tired rehash of overused 2D platforming gameplay.  Besides the fact, as far as consoles go, New Super Mario Bros. released on Wii in 2009.  Super Mario Galaxy 2 released on Wii in 2010.  So, I don't think it was overabuse to release NSMBU on Wii U before another Galaxy title comes out anyway.

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Crash and Spyro are forgotten because the original companies lost the license and the series went to shit from that point (with Vivendi and Activision), NOT because people got tired of it. And Mario is not failing, it is and will always be vastly popular and the most popular franchise in their perspective consoles, it's just that they need more time for the Wii U to pick up. Look at the 3DS mario games, 2 of them released more than a year ago and you can still regularly see them in the top 10 charts.

I take offense at Mario being compared to the Saw series. That's really a cheap shot!

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It hasn't faded at all. Because it's the best selling 3DS games (Top 3) and the best selling WiiU game, over a million already.


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mario has not failed, when the next 3d mario comes for Wii U, it will be a an amazing experince that will get alot of people excited.


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The only "disappointing" Mario main series game in the last few years was NSMB2 IMO. You noticed in every level that they didn't give it their A-game. All other games were masterpieces (2006(?)-2013).

I think the issue is just NSMB.

A game built around mechanics from the (S)NES days isn't much of a system seller for next-gen hardware in 2012/13. A 3D Mario would've been better, as it would be a bigger draw for people who aren't diehard Mario or 2D platforming fans.

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As far as I´m concerned, these NSMB games don´t hold a candle to the originality and wealth of content the old 2D Mario games had back in their day.

SMB, SMB2, SMB3 and SMBW were all very different from one another, each game brought a lot of new rich content, while the NSMB games even share that (imo) terrible and very annoying 'wah wah' music.

With Mario Galaxy, you can even 'feel' the passion and hard work Nintendo put into the game, very different from Mario Sunshine and Mario 64, and the soundtrack is superb...while NSMB games share many of the same tired worlds, annoying music, etc...

Though I don´t enjoy Rayman games, i applaud Ubisoft for putting more 'passion' into the game than Nintendo has with modern 2D Mario games...that´s no way to treat the franchise that made the company relevant in the videogame business.

Tarumon said:
AndrewWK said:
I don´t wanna raise any controversial discussions, but compared to Rayman Legends New Super Mario Bros U really sucks. I have played the demo yesterday with my little sister and got brainfucked by the Black Betty Level.

New Super Mario Bros. U was fun and all but they really should try to work on the main formula. I am courious to see what they are going to do with the new Donkey Kong game

How's Rayman Legends? I downloaded the demo but am in trouble everytime I pick up Wii U, my kids say "I thought you were too tired to play games?" (They want me to play Mario but I get pissed everytime they kill me lol)

Its fucking awesome. Altough I am not into Platformers and never really liked Rayman. But this games looks beautyful the gameplay is smooth the music and humor are nothing to perfect. If you enjoy those kind of games and you have a Wii U you must buy it.

Just look at this level and I think there are a few more of those. How could somebody not want to play

A game with a attach rate of over 50% has failed? That game alone one of the main reasons to buy a Wii U, and my personal reason to have one now rather than in a couple of months.

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