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I bought it for 10 pounds and finished it a couple of months ago. It does have incredible landscapes and varied scenarios, but gameplay feels a bit limited and repetitive at times. I'm not sure how much I would be willing to buy a sequel, but if they improved a lot on what they had I might take a look. Especially considering how the story ended in that crazy cutscene, I really liked that.

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Barozi said:
Scisca said:
Wanted to get it recently, but found out they were cooking DLCs, so just wanna wait for a box with the game and DLCs. I can spend some money on it, but not the price of the game and DLC separately.

That's not going to happen. The game wasn't popular enough to warrant a re-release.

We'll see. I'm gonna get it in some time anyway, just hope for a box like this one.

I think that the only chance for games like this one to get a sequel is to make it on Vita. Cheaper to make, would make a fuss among gamers even if it wasn't 100% awesome and would sell around 250-300k easily. But it probably won't happen.

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I really enjoyed the game. Now I think back to it I could definitely play it through again, unlike other games I have played this gen.

It was a great game for the first instalment of a series. Monkey, Trip and especially Pigsy were a lot of fun. I think the gameplay was a lot of fun. I know some people say the combat wasn't that deep, but it was never meant to be, it was what was promised, a great adventure game.

The thing with Heavenly Sword, was it was just, action, action, action. With Enslaved it was a lot more balanced.

The thing I will criticise is the upgrade system, it felt a little tacked on. I think this is one of Ninja Theory's weaknesses. They did well with the game, but after I finished it and got all the trophies and tech orbs, the game didn't offer me anything else. I think they need to improve the re-playability of their games. So deeper customisation options for Monkey's staff would be nice. All in all, great game, disappointing sales.

Loved it, great characters, great story, great setting. I liked the game play too, it's not the most demanding but at least it's not as dumbed down as AC3.
The setting and flow reminded me a bit of what a Beyond good & evil game could look like this gen.

AndrewWK said:
wfz said:
I have not completed the game yet. After about 3-4 hours of pressing A rapidly and holding the forward button, I grew really tired of the "gameplay" and never bothered finishing it. x_x

I felt like it was a good example of what *not* to do with Uncharted gameplay.

Seriously Uncharted Gameplay?

That's what it felt like to me. A bunch of running around in a jungle / urban jungle and you jump from object to object, climbing, and using hand-holds to traverse walls. It feels a lot like Uncharted. And a lot worse because it takes zero skill.

That's just my (rather harsh) opinion of the game after playing it for a few hours.

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Loved the game. Excellent all around. I agree, it was a nice surprise.

Everyone needs to play Lost Odyssey! Any opposition to this and I will have to just say, "If it's a fight you want, you got it!"

Great: presentation, story, character design, length.
Good: gameplay
Meh: Bugs, no incentive to play again, NO SEQUEL

An underrated gem. I enjoyed my experience with enslaved :)

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I had a great time with this game. Deep story,interesting characters and enjoyable gameplay.

It's definitely worth your time.

I championed this game before it released, bought it on day one, praised it after it released, and watched it die a slow death at retail. Still one of my favorite titles this gen. Got a lot of hate for doing things that other beloved games are guilty of, too.

Bought it on sale last year, played a couple of hours and actually forgot that I have it!

Gameplay is of the kind I usually don't enjoy (3rd person melee mashfest) but I do remember that it ranks among one of the most visually impressive console games I've ever seen, both in sheer quality and art direction. Stunning looking game!