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coolbeans said:
Kresnik said:
I really was really surprised how much I loved Heavenly Sword, so I've been meaning to pick this up at some point. This thread has given me pretty mixed feelings about it now (aside from the OP!), but I still think I'll give it a try.

Enslaved is certainly worth a try for any HS fan (I thought HS was a great title).  Just don't expect its two key qualities (story/characters/etc. and panaramic views) to reach those same heights as consistently as HS.  

I personally came away saying "Meh...I'll take a game that's very close to being good over a bad one any day of the week."

Thanks for the run down.  You nailed the two things I enjoyed most about HS (was surprised how much I grew attached to the characters, particularly Kai, and the scenery was always fantastic).

For the price it can be gotten for, sounds like it's worth a try!

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CGI-Quality said:
Pjams said:
CGI-Quality said:
Pjams said:
CGI-Quality said:
The facial animation only second to L.A. NOIRE? It wasn't even ahead of Heavenly Sword. Games like Uncharted and Heavy Rain easily run laps around it as well. That was not one of its strongest points.

That said, it had better exploration than Uncharted, likeable characters, and a lengthy campaign, making it one of the more enjoyable experiences this gen.

You may know everything, but you may want to go back and play Enslaved again, because the facial and eyeball animation is just as good as anything thats out there, actually may be the best eyeballs to date. And La noire looked good but it also looked bizarre.

It really isn't, but I will only go in circles arguing it. I've played through and beaten the game twice. Great story, exploration , and game-play (though there is a bit too much hand holding), but the facial animation wasn't the best out there and the lip sync (particularly on PS3) was, often times, behind the actual words. 

In short, I don't have to "know everything" to understand that Enslaved's mo-cap isn't as good as the best out there.

Like I said, go back and look at it again because your simply wrong on this one. Not sure why you're holding to this so tightly, or is this one of those street cred moments where the whole foundation of your imaginary internet persona is at stake

Not sure how I'm wrong, and you've yet to present anything but your simple opposition, but OK. If you say so.

I'm not competent to support my argument with actual screen shot comparisons, I thought that was your thing :) 

(been working out of town, sorry to wast your time)