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coolbeans said:
Kresnik said:
I really was really surprised how much I loved Heavenly Sword, so I've been meaning to pick this up at some point. This thread has given me pretty mixed feelings about it now (aside from the OP!), but I still think I'll give it a try.

Enslaved is certainly worth a try for any HS fan (I thought HS was a great title).  Just don't expect its two key qualities (story/characters/etc. and panaramic views) to reach those same heights as consistently as HS.  

I personally came away saying "Meh...I'll take a game that's very close to being good over a bad one any day of the week."

Thanks for the run down.  You nailed the two things I enjoyed most about HS (was surprised how much I grew attached to the characters, particularly Kai, and the scenery was always fantastic).

For the price it can be gotten for, sounds like it's worth a try!