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Forums - Music Discussion - Do you still like Eminem's music even though you are who he raps about?

I stopped listening to him after When I'm Gone.

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Never really noticed it but I haven't bought one of his album since The Eminem Show.

I think recovery was his best album. So I'll continue listening until I don't like him anymore.

A lot of rap is hateful. To me it is just the other side of the coin. I listen to it and a lot of other music. It really helps cancel the world is great music I listen to.

I love eminem. I want a new album NAOW!

Relapse is an underrated gem

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I think he's released a lot of good tune since the Eminem Show, just didn't buy any of them. I haven't bought an album for ages.

He doesn't rap, he sings pop music... that's why I listen to him ;D

Cub said:

He doesn't rap, he sings pop music... that's why I listen to him ;D

That's actually why I don't listen to him anymore. I loved all of his previous work, and I think The Eminem Show is one of my favorite albums of ALL time, but nowadays it feels like he just sings more and more with these pop artists. Yeah he might still be talking about the same stuff in his lyrics, but it lacks the soul his music used to have.

I will admit though that I haven't heard all of his newest stuff.

spurgeonryan said:
Now he sings. Since he seemed to have forgotten how to rap.

He's just adapted with the times. If he was still doing stuff like on the Slim Shady LP then he would of died out early 2000's.

I will always be an Eminem fan but I hated Recovery for what it represented which was Eminem completely losing

the unique edge he has always coveted and trying to be like every other Rapper from the beats to the lyrical

content. I think the song Not Afraid was the biggest slap in the face of every true fan, the ultimate Hypocrisy for

the simple fact that was the type of shit he hated in the beginning and made fun of during his career. As far as I'm

concerned Relapse is the last True Eminem album and I hope he returns. But he has been officially kicked out of

my top 5

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