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What do you want to see from Retro?

Metroid Prime 4 or some other Metroid title 53 32.72%
The Legend of Zelda 10 6.17%
Star Fox 25 15.43%
F-Zero 10 6.17%
New I.P. 45 27.78%
See results 17 10.49%

I really think they should pick of the Star Fox franchise, I feel like they'd do really well with it. Also, maybe revive Raven Blade.

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@Spazzy_D: I like what you're thinking, lad! ;)

 And proud member of the Mega Mario Movement!

I wouldn't want Retro on Starfox.

Give Starfox to Platinum or Treasure.

I think even Miyamoto stated they want a Metroid on Wii-U because it suits perfectly for the controller.

I will say with the extra talent they hired the past few months/ years to make a sexy ass Metroid game.

This time they should make it feel a bit more complex, sophisticated (design some clever puzzles that deserves nomination) and some horror (almost like Dead Space)

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Reggie just said on Spike Tv.

"Rest assured Retro is working on a fantastic new project"

Duh. But good to know.

I think if they have a new good concept or take on existing genre with new character/universe and its own identity that justifies a new IP, that would be best.

Short of that, they need to work on making the best Metroid game to date. If they can help a Zelda game get released in less than 4 years, that would also be good.

Retro Studios Gets a Bigger Office

Posted Mon, 15 Oct 2012 | 16:30 BST by Damien McFerran

Scaling up for Wii U development?

Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns developer Retro Studios has moved to a larger premises, hinting that the company is expanding to handle significant support for Nintendo's Wii U console.

According to, the move was very hush-hush, and no press release was issued to mark the event. Instead, Retro has simply quietly updated its address details on various sites:

The old address of Retro Studios was 1835A Kramer Lane, Suite 100. Austin Texas. The new address of Retro Studios is 12345 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78753. A quick search on Google Maps shows that the information is correct. Retro Studios has added this new address in addition to its Facebook page.

It's no secret that Retro is working on Wii U software, but could this move suggest a much more expanded role than people previously assumed? Time will no doubt tell.

I would like to see a Dixie & Tiny Kong Game in the vein of Banjo-Kazooie.
Taller Tiny Kong and her sister Dixie teaming up with dual screen action;)


PS: This is my first post here in YEARS, all thanks to Retro Studios lol

Gaming make me feel GOOD!

I'd like to see them work on something mideval/mythical, but not Zelda.

Do something new, they've earned the right to try something on their own. Aonuma's team already has Zelda and Kamiya at Platinum Games is begging for Star Fox. There's no need to saddle Retro with another 20+ year old IP.