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Technically it won't be released until Friday, but my local store was nice enough to wake me up this morning with a telephone call, and let me know my copy of the underappreciated masterpiece had arrived. 

The clerk at the store was curious as to what kind of a game it was exactly. Apparently there had been exactly one other customer other than me who had preordered it, and he was curious, since he'd never heard of it and it didn't look like the kind of game hardcore gamers would be interested in. I tried to hype him, but he didn't seem very convinced. =/ 

I didn't go home and play it straight away, though, since I had my weekly hanging around with the local japanophiles and Japanese exchange students at the university cafeteria. I made sure I displayed my new purchase to all present, and expected amazement at how I had managed to get my hands on it before the relesae date. To my great disappointment, nobody recognised the game. Keep in mind these are the highest caliber of nerds on the planet. Most of us look more or less like Rubang. Some where interested when I compared it to the old point-and-click adventure games by Lucas Arts and Sierra, and many of them had a Wii already, but nobody had heard about it.

My roommate arrived home while I was typing this, and I showed him what I had bought. He's got a Gamecube himself, plays co-op games with me a lot, and lurks on digg all the time, but he had never heard of Zack&Wiki either. He stopped listening to my explanation when I said it didn't have multiplayer.

I remember hearing something about Capcom deciding to delay the European launch so they'd have time to advertise properly, but they sure weren't overdoing it... 

Oh well, time to start the game and see if I like it. ^^

The cost was 50€ btw. If it's cheaper than normal games in the US, then it sure isn't so here.

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lets hear what ya think as soon as ya can


Congratulations on finally getting the game. Hope you like it.


great i hope people will buy the game and stop it from being a failure(which really isnt considering the cost development)but still i hope it sell atleast 500k WW

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Already preordered my copy; I'll probably get it on Monday though :(

Anyways, enjoy the game Parokki!

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50 € in Europe and $40 in USA? Sorry, not buying it, I don't like being ripped off. The $ = € strategy I can accept due to taxes and so on, but more than that is just ripping off PAL gamers.

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going to buy it friday =)

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I like it. I am on my fourth mission. The damn music bones guys are really hard. I only got one of those so far.

Such a great game. Much more fun when you have other people there to help solve the puzzles!

Holy shit! I just fell on some frigging spikes and frigging DIED!!! What kind of a kid's game is this? =P