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Forums - Sony Discussion - Is anyone else more excited about Final Fantasy X HD than Versus XIII?

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The lack of information we've been getting about Versus XIII has just been getting me even more excited about the bits we do know. I am genuinely really hyped for it, the kind of excited I don't normally get about games.

Also, I don't like X, certainly one of my least favourite in the series.

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You are definitely not the only one, our world is full of idiots.

(Just kidding :-p)

I honestly played X way too many times to get excited, yes its a good game and all, but nah, played it way too many times.

VXIII is right, that's a known face

(and i am not kidding, its filled with them)

Loved FFX but only played it once - and I always wanted to play it again.

It was one of the many reasons I brought a Vita - day 1 for me :)

Also... when PS1 support drops I will be playing FF VIII and IX have already brought them both for £3.99 each :D (btw... never played them before!)

Nope. Played FFX to about 95% so nothing will be unexpected...Versus on the other hand is an all new experience.

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TO hell with you all



:( plox localize

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Oh I can't wait to play some Blitzball on the train to work...

Exile1987 said:
Oh I can't wait to play some Blitzball on the train to work...

inorite! Replace the word train with bus and that's me, it's still a 45 minute bus ride though, so plenty of time to play!

Just watch the Luca Goers getting beat on youtube.... beautiful...