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Forums - Sony Discussion - Is anyone else more excited about Final Fantasy X HD than Versus XIII?

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Final Fantasy X is my favorite of the series, but despite that I'm not too excited. Graphics, or rather resolution, aren't super important to me, so I don't see myself paying 40 bucks or so for an upscaled version of the game. I'm a bit more interested in the Vita version for the portable factor, but even so, I think I may just replay my old PS2 copy instead.

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i'm excited for both, as i have never played any of the PS2 Final Fantasy games, it may as well be the reason for me to get a Vita

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Nope. Now if it were Final Fantasy XII HD, maybe...

But even then, Versus just looks awesome.

I'm more excited about Versus XIII but I'm looking forward to FF X too.

I believe that everyone already knows how FF X is.

I don't think that its gonna be a remake. It is just gonna be remastered in HD like most other HD releases. however, if you just emulate the game on the pc you can get it to look much cleaner and crisp, and most likely comparable to the rerelease. i was able to tell the huge difference when i played it on my pc even though i havent even played the game on my ps2 ever since it first came out.

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For me it look better than Final Fantasy X when i see videos but we should play it to know if it's true or not something new is more excited.

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FF VS XIII so far to me is like FF VIII drama + FF XII production values + Crysis Core gaming

FF X does have a great story but it still is one of the earlier PS2 games and im really wondering how the graphics will turn out.

I do hope it will come packed with X-2.

I want it so bad, and I used to want FFv13. Now that I want to just disappear.. I don't care anymore about Squares "new" games, as they've proven they can't make anything good anymore.

not me, don't get me wrong, I'm excited for FF X HD but, it fails in comparison of waiting 6 years for a games to come out.

Which also makes me wonder what's taking it so long for it to come out? I remember the group who remastered God of War 1&2 took a matter of weeks, I understand it would take longer for and RPG like X but surely thought we'd have a release date buy now...