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Forums - Sony Discussion - Is anyone else more excited about Final Fantasy X HD than Versus XIII?

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At least we know that FF X will be released :(


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HabinoBR said:
At least we know that FF X will be released :(

This. I am more excited in that I know X HD will be released (and if not, it already exists in non-HD format). In all honesty though, X is my third least favorite FF, besting only XII and XIII. If Versus XIII does release at all, it won't have to accomplish much to pass X.

How do you breathe again?

I'm not. I haven't liked a FF as much as FF7 since FF7. I'm not saying that the games have been bad, maybe my tastes have changed. FFX was the last FF I finished and I didn't really like it. I'm always interested in a new FF, but I don't really have my hopes up or anything.

I do expect FF V XIII to get a name change and go multiplatform. What I've seen of it looks interesting, but until I see more I can't say I'll buy it. FFX however I know I never want to play again, even if in HD.

I'm equally excited for both of them. FF X is my favorite game of all time and versus XIII looks gorgeous and there's a hype that has been building inside of me since the announcement back in 2006

FFXHD still won't be out 2 years from now most likely, Versus is hopefully nearly here.

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The lack of information we've been getting about Versus XIII has just been getting me even more excited about the bits we do know. I am genuinely really hyped for it, the kind of excited I don't normally get about games.

Also, I don't like X, certainly one of my least favourite in the series.

You are definitely not the only one, our world is full of idiots.

(Just kidding :-p)

I honestly played X way too many times to get excited, yes its a good game and all, but nah, played it way too many times.

VXIII is right, that's a known face

(and i am not kidding, its filled with them)

Loved FFX but only played it once - and I always wanted to play it again.

It was one of the many reasons I brought a Vita - day 1 for me :)

Also... when PS1 support drops I will be playing FF VIII and IX have already brought them both for £3.99 each :D (btw... never played them before!)

Nope. Played FFX to about 95% so nothing will be unexpected...Versus on the other hand is an all new experience.

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