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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bravely Default Flying Fairy OT - TGS Trailer direct feed is (finally) up! All set for release!

spurgeonryan said:
Lol! You are hyped for this game. Is that the American release date?

I am. I really think this is a revival for Final Fantasy.

The Flying Fairy (FF) in the name is no coincidence. They're clearly aiming for the old-school fans!

and no, that's the japanese date. No localization announced, but it'll come for sure

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MDMAlliance said:
Project X Zone releases on the same day.

epic day then! I really don't know if this game can beat it, but just because I think PXZ will do amazingly well.

The battle theme is pretty good:

Ssenkahdavic said:
I like it. Hmm another reason I should go buy a 3DS and while Im at it might as well go XL.

Yeah, when this game was announced I still didn't had my 3DS... I was so excited about this game (and the whole 3DS TGS in general) that I had to buy it.

spurgeonryan said:
I have never played a Final Fantasy game other than on a PS demo disc around 1997. Is this a spin off?

Almost none of the final fantasy games really had anything to do with each other, so no this really isn't in any form a spin off lol.

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Updated with Synopsis and even more amazing screenshots!

Now, for some interesting tidbits of news:

Sixty to Seventy Hours Play Time for Bravely Default

Square Enix's 3DS RPG Bravely Default Flying Fairy delivers a healthy dose of classic-styled RPG gaming. And it's quite a big dose, it seems. The game's official Twitter revealed today a 60 to 70 hour play volume.

A later post clarified that this figure is the time it will take you to get to the credits. Fully completing the game may take longer.

Bravely Default's promotions have been heavily tied to its AR features. But this seems to be just a minor part of the game. AR-based content takes up around 1% of the game.

Other posts at the Twitter feed revealed that the game has summons with elaborate visualizations.

Also, the game will probably not get a special 3DS system (special systems are common for major Square Enix releases). The Twitter feed noted that the game's promotions, including demos, have focused on current 3DS owners.

Significant_leap said:
theres a typo, its called Baraverly Defaulto...;)

Who doesn't love engrish?

I swear I call Fire Emblem: Fire Embrem :D

No sp.ed., thats bad, it would boost both hw and sw sales, i suppose its not big enough to get its own sp.ed. 3DS

Looking pretty awesome.