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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bravely Default Flying Fairy OT - TGS Trailer direct feed is (finally) up! All set for release!

Hopefully Square Enix won't change Bravely Default: Flying Fairy to Final Fantasy: Flying Fairy, I could only imagine the fan's outrage.

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Can't wait. This is one the system sellers for me with the 3DS.

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I can't wait to play this and Fire Emblem when I buy a 3DS next year. Hopefully it does get localized.

What's up?

This looks like the successor to Final Fantasy IX I've always wanted. I can't wait for it

VicViper said:
Knight and White Mage Jobs
from neogaf:

"Just finished the latest demo using a knight and a white mage. God, the whole thing kinda feels right and all well connected. The battle system, the music and the graphics (seems like they improved those?). And the dialogues are fun too. I was almost shitting my pants when he tried to summon Bahamut lol.

Excellent game from what I have seen so far."

insta-buy for me... I can only imagine the summons with those graphics! Awesome game to say the least!


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MrT-Tar said:
This looks like the successor to Final Fantasy IX I've always wanted. I can't wait for it

And FF9 was and still is my favorite FF! I hope they localize this game. The 3DS is in dire need of RPGs.

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward = best game ever made.

More news:

Bravely Default Flying Fairy: Idea Lee Screens and Artwork. Including some half-naked half-demon chicks

Is her name a pun or something? Hehe, never noticed before!

Plus, the obligatory fire dungeoun

And these are the four main heroes, guys. Still unknown if there'll be more, but I think if there are they'll be more secundary:

Idea Lee, Tiz, Anies and too much gel kid (still without a name)

Demo footage guys! Looking pretty!

This is exactly the kind of game that I bought the 3DS for.

Just take my money already.