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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bravely Default Flying Fairy OT - TGS Trailer direct feed is (finally) up! All set for release!

Soriku said:

Iwata Asks: Bravely Default

1. A charming world
2. "Reason" and "Sensitivity"
3. What is an "Oudou RPG"? (lit. "rule of right"/"kings road" RPG)
4. Catchball with Demo's
5. The challenge towards a new Oudou RPG


Zenaku on GAF is planning on translating the interesting parts. Interested to see what they have to say.

Haven't seen this update.  Nice, I'll look foward to it!

And to celebrate BDFF entering COMG net charts here's the King, the one and only Superstar job!


More new pics here:

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New details:

Yesterday, Square Enix held a two hour broadcast for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy on Nico Nico. The development team shared a slew of new details, including items that will be distributed through Facebook and Twitter.

The latest Bravely Default information can be found below.

-9 weapon types
-Multiple finishing moves per weapon type
-Effects of finishing moves (which can be customized) stack
-Each character has a unique theme which plays after using a finishing move
-Send characters to other people by Street Pass or over the Internet
-Nolende Village takes 1000 hours to rebuild; increasing the population will reduce this time
-Increase the villages population via Street Pass or by using the internet
-A shop in Nolende Village lets you buy parts to customize finishing moves
-Abilities gained via abilink are less powerful and require higher cost
-”Fear” status ailment prevents Braving and Defaulting
-Some bosses have huge amounts of HP
-Dark Knight job shown, looks like FF4 Dark Knight Cecil
-Dark Knight’s skills can use up HP; you can inflict status effects on yourself to increase abilities
-Onion Knight costume shown for Tiz; obtained via FaceBook
-Planning more costumes, some to be distributed via Twitter
-46 tracks in the game, with 10 being battle tunes
-Collaboration weapon with Dengeki; a lance

Thank god for the internet in that buildng part... since there's no way to street pass this game here.

buying it 100%

Soriku said:

TGS trailer:

I love the work they put in with the battle animations.

I almost created a new thread for this... but decided to wait for a better direct feed version.

And yeah, me too. The final scene is very zelda-ish

I soooo want this game

they make way way to few turnbased games these days...

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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The final trailer before release, I guess.

The official Character names romanization is: Tizz, Idea Lee, Ringabel (blond dude) and Agnes (the brunette). Well, that's it, now it's just a wait till october 10th to the release.

And the latest batch of details, some very interesting (I'll bold mine)

Bravely Default

- Concept is heavily focused on gameplay
- Four-character setup and job system are key features
- Gameplay and writing are meshed together rather than kept apart
- The team started with the characters
- They felt characters are one of the most important aspects in the game
- Wanted to make characters that would be loved, including villains
- The dialogue would be lively and interesting, and the game’s world would be crafted to create as interesting a setup as the characters needed
- Each of the four main characters is linked to a key aspect in the game and the plot
- Ex: Tiz hopes to rebuild a village
- Recruit more villagers with StreetPass
- These new residents can help with the rebuilding
- Agnes’ background involves searching for the four crystals
- She is also the one most connected to the main plot of the game
- Edea is in charge of the sub-quests and the job class system
- Lingabel is an amnesiac boy who keeps a memo that has events from the future written in it
- Memo can be read at any time

A lot of direct feed footage. Not sure how much of the footage is new or old though.

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