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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony's PS All-Stars, discuss the similarities and differences, and if needed express your displeasure (No trolling allowed)

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So, is it a Brawl clone?

Yes 260 41.73%
No 42 6.74%
Kind of 43 6.90%
Who cares, it'll be fun either was 229 36.76%
I'm disgusted 47 7.54%
Panama said:
Sony kept copying my answers back in middle school, only reason he ever kept getting all the good grades.

Just on the party game questions! :)

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Obviously a copy lol, but I'm down anyway it's going to be awesome


Train wreck said:
I think you should edit "What we expected" to "What I expected"

I think it's fair to say most people expected something with a little more distinction

*fair disclosure, i'm fairly thrilled that this game exists and in the format it does.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

Also thanks to this thread I can't enjoy SFxT's 4 player mode any more since Capcom blatantly copied Nintendo, shame on them. They'll be hearing soon from Nintendo's lawyer's just you wait.

famousringo said:
One the one hand: This is embarrassingly derivative.

One the other hand: Given how many Street Fighter clones there have been over the years, it's kinda incredible that the massively successful Smash Bros. hasn't already been cloned to pieces.

Given that Sports Champions has sold roughly 1/10th the number of units as Wii Sports Resort, I estimate lifetime sales of this game will reach approximately 1 million.

1. Its not a move game. This game should not be equated with Sports Champions vs Wii Sports Resort.

2. Its a console controlled game. The expectation should be higher. It has the potential to sell 3-5 million copies and if bundled more than that.

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S.T.A.G.E. said:
Panama said:
Sony kept copying my answers back in middle school, only reason he ever kept getting all the good grades.

Just on the party game questions! :)

Ssshh, you're not allowed to use the 'party' word around Smash fans, some of them still haven't recovered from Sakurai revealing that they aren't fighting games.

TheKoreanGuy said:
First you complain about NSMB2 after four screenshots, and now you complain about this without even knowing the full roster.

Come on, think about how potentially awesome the roster could be for a Playstation crossover. Have you seriously thought about that?

Yeah, somebody had already mentioned that I think it was me, and then someone else humourously added that if you add Microsoft to the mix they would be an optional DLC , was it you sal? :D

@panama, can you be a little more constructive and explain which 2D fighting games you remember having 2v2 battle before smash? I'm actually curious myself, because I can't remember which were I mostly remember tag battles.

I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm just interested to know if it did which game it was.

VicViper said:

I have one doubt though

Is there a Nintendo game that got "accused" of committing this same "crime" for you, Happy? (or anyone else who wants to answer)

All in all, I would totally buy a Vita version of the game, looks great. The only two problems with this are 1 - lack of japanese recognition (which can be fixed with 4-5 famous japanese characters) and 2 - it'll always be under SSB shadow.

Well, in a sense you could say that Super Mario Bros. copied pitfall, but then that would be the kind of copying I was expecting from PS All-Stars, where things change (sidescrolling was now dynamic, you could squash ennemies, the game was actually fun just kidding pitfall fans).

But I don't think you could really say that about Nintendo honestly. When they copied a tennis game (let's say virtua tennis in 1999) with Mario tennis (in 2000), the game dynamics was radically redesigned to fit the cartoon theme. The same really can't be said here and that's what's getting me.

I don't think Sony copied anyone. I've heard from credible sources that the game has been in development since 1954, before Nintendo was even heard of. If Nintendo never existed, PABR would have still been created. Nintendo coincidentally came up with the idea as Sony was developing PABR. Nintendo was just quicker to the punch.