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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony's PS All-Stars, discuss the similarities and differences, and if needed express your displeasure (No trolling allowed)

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So, is it a Brawl clone?

Yes 260 41.73%
No 42 6.74%
Kind of 43 6.90%
Who cares, it'll be fun either was 229 36.76%
I'm disgusted 47 7.54%

Sony does what Ninten-do?

This is like saying Forza copied Gran Turismo
or N.O.V.A copied Halo.

Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Get over it

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The rule is simple: make a good game and you can expect someone to put something similar on the market.

AstroMaSSi rules

First you complain about NSMB2 after four screenshots, and now you complain about this without even knowing the full roster.

Come on, think about how potentially awesome the roster could be for a Playstation crossover. Have you seriously thought about that?

RolStoppable said:
miz1q2w3e said:
"No trolling allowed" lol like ever stopped anyone

The funny part is that the OP himself breaks this rule by calling the game "a shameless rip-off". I think this is going to be a great thread.

Well in his defence, you'd have to be blind not to see it

Besides, rules are made to broken

Sal.Paradise said:

The gameplay has a few fundamental differences from Smash Bros:

 "the scoring method has notable differences. Attacking foes fills an AP bar at the bottom of the screen, which grants three levels of a super attack once filled. You can attack an opponent all day, but the only way you'll actually score a point is if you KO them with a super attack. Level one attacks are usually limited, such as Parappa's spin kick. Once you get to level three, however, you're almost guaranteed a couple of points with screen-clearing attacks. Parappa breaks into a rap performance that annihilates nearby opponents, while Sweet Tooth transforms into his robot form for an insane damage boost.

Considering the importance of super attacks, managing your AP becomes the focus. Items like rocket launchers and the Spear of Destiny from God of War will occasionally drop onto the battlefield, and they can be used to reduce the super meter of opponents. AP orbs can be granted by certain moves, such as Parappa's Boxy Boy boombox ability."


Either way, I think it's silly to get caught up in this looking similar to another game series.

It's a win-win for everyone, if it's bad everyone gets to laugh at Sony and point out how superior the original Smash Bros is, if it's a good game, you get two great crossover brawler franchises instead of just one. 

I said this in the other thread, and it really makes sense to me, I just want to express.

The Smash fan in me really wants to play this game, but the Nintendo fan feels really unhappy. The question is why. The reason is that it's taking everything Nintendo creatively did for smash and instead of giving their own flavors, they are really just repeating what Nintendo did and skinning it.

I like the fact they're listening to their fans, but I'm not happy with how similar it looks to Smash, and as someone who played that game a heck of alot, it really revolts me...

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Train wreck said:
I think you should edit "What we expected" to "What I expected"


Sony deserves to have a game like this and we the playstation owners deserve it to because playstation has so many great charatcters much much better than characters nintendo has,so it was only a matter of time for sony to make this kind of game.

Mario fighting Link? pfff yayyyyy
Kratos fighting Nathan Drake? F..... YEAH!!!!

Sal, I hope you don't mind me using your sig for this thread. Here is what Kaz Hirai humorously had to say about the matter:

(Ignore this quote, it's not the actual Kaz Hirai twitting this. Thanks for correcting me Sal)


Still funny though, so enjoy :

"The final boss in PlayStation #AllStars single player is Nintendo's lawyer"

happydolphin said:
Sal, I hope you don't mind me using your sig for this thread. Here is what Kaz Hirai humorously had to say about the matter:

"The final boss in PlayStation #AllStars single player is Nintendo's lawyer"

LMAO! Seriously??? Priceless commentary!

Why would you even make this thread? That's just asking for animosity to be spread between Sony and Nintendo fans...who should focus on taking down Microsoft anyways.

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