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Forums - Movies & TV - Michael Bay changes name on TMNT Movie!!!


Is the new name any good?

Yeah, that's awesome! Te... 10 13.89%
I hate him! 12 16.67%
Stop raping my childhood :( 49 68.06%
VGKing said:
I think it's a good idea. The name "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is very childish and could put off many older movie buffs. Calling it Ninja Turtles means more people will see it. Think of it as a reboot for the mainstream.

Oh yeah because turtles who can use karate is much more adult than Teenange mutant turtles doing karate.  :Rollseyes: that is the dumbest explanation I have ever heard

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You guys are giving too much power to the director...

The more I hear of this movie, the more eagerly I want to see it..

TruckOSaurus said:
But the "aliens can't be turtles" problem is still whole, I say he should go the extra mile and call the movie Ninja.

And, just why can't they?  Have you seen life on other planets?  Maybe Earth-turtles are simple clones of the original "alien turtles" from another planet.  Earth turtles aren't like the alien turtles.  There's no direct evidence that shows life is native to Earth anyway.  Moreover, chromosomes in humans shows signs of tampering, which suggest nature nor evolution played a part in it.  So, let's not go assuming the movie is going to be bad... Such a small thing to worry about.

Taking "Teenage Mutant" out of the title is just ridiculous!! I was hesitant to see it in the first place but with what Michael Bay is doing I'll stick to watching the original movies. The first movie is still the best one in my opinion .

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I love Michael Bay because it's to mainstream to hate on him. The people that are here bashing him now are the same people that loved The Rock, Bad Boys, and Armageddon when they came out. He's just producing. Someone else is directing it. I don't see people complaining about a batman movie being called The Dark Knight, but that's another name that batman has you say? Yea well people have been known to refer to the turtles as just Ninja Turtles long before someone this new movie was announced. Guess what, if the movie sucks you'll always have the comics and original series, but if it doesn't then you'll have one more great memory of the turtles.

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spurgeonryan said:
@ Family guy avatar

I used to absolutely love the Simpsons games on my NES! Had a bunch of them.

Didn't yog-sothot used to have an avatar?

They really are not teenagers any more. But I think the 15-25 year old crowd are the ones who are going to see this, so they should probably leave it. No way is this going to be for anyone older.

That's Futurama, not Family Guy.  How dare you?!

@ OP

This movie is going to suck, anyway.  The name doesn't bother me too much, but the fact they are changing the origin to aliens is just ridiculous.  I'm sure they look like this, too.

NiKKoM said:
Great stuff from Michael Bay... just make the last two steps of replacing turtles with Aliens and Ninja with Pirates call it Pirates Aliens so the movie won't have any connection with TMNT anymore and our childhood memories won't be assraped.. you're almost there Michael!!

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Ninja Turtles is a great name.
Source: biggest TMNT fan in the world, ever -> me.

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