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Forums - Movies & TV - Michael Bay changes name on TMNT Movie!!!


Is the new name any good?

Yeah, that's awesome! Te... 10 13.89%
I hate him! 12 16.67%
Stop raping my childhood :( 49 68.06%

This is worst then the new karate kid movie. That should have been called wusu kid as it was set in china.

He should have really made the green goo from space (if he is so bent on this space story) that turned earth turtles into mutants.



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He should just name it after what it's inevitably  going to be: Racist Alien Big Boobied Explosions ;)

TadpoleJackson said:
You guys are giving too much power to the dictator...


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right now i am trying to imagine a live action Transformer movie without any changes from the cartoon.

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Mr Khan said:
NiKKoM said:
Great stuff from Michael Bay... just make the last two steps of replacing turtles with Aliens and Ninja with Pirates call it Pirates Aliens so the movie won't have any connection with TMNT anymore and our childhood memories won't be assraped.. you're almost there Michael!!

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i know. they should add one, right. writing on my phone, thats why it isnt looking good...

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Should have named it "USA is destroying Green bald Ninja Turtles from Space and saves the world with their bald Space Marine Soldiers"

Trillions earned in minutes alone thanks to the title!This is what the kids of these days want!!!
Go Michaeal Bay! -.-

In Brazil they are very popular. And they are known as "Tartarugas Ninja" (Ninja Turtles).

No problem with the name. ^~

BasilZero said:
Guess their not teenagers

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