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    Kojima @ GDC 2013: FOX Engine & Ground Zeroes + Phantom Pain = MGSV

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2013

    MaxwellAllen said: bonkers555 said: Soriku said: bonkers555 said:I'm pretty dam sure that MGS V will only be exclusively on PS4 with extra contents for next gen consoles. They confirmed the game for PS3/360...I don't know they'd backtrack, and not just that, but not have it on a MS console either when 360 was listed. Unless that's not what you...

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    Info on Sony

    in Sony Discussion on 27 March 2013

    kain_kusanagi said: Wlakiz said:Why don't you do it on Microsoft.. failing to adapt to Japanese Markets? Really? Microsoft did a ton for the Japanese but they didn't care. The Xbox 360 was hope to a lot of JRPG and the PS3 was not available for a year. Instead of embracing the 360 and it's JRPGs like Lost Odyssey the Japanese gaming public waited for their native Sony to...

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    Graphics: Creativity vs. Realism

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2013

    They are both good and needed to add some variety and you can combine them pretty good. Uncharted shows how it is done. Realistic but you can see it is full of colour and stuff.Probably the best example for a combination out of those too. And there are even FPS Game that work well with an Art Style Timesplitters for example always was that good cause it wasn't military 0815 realistic. On...

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    Metal Gear Solid V Is Official - FOX vs. XOF

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2013

    pezus said: PlaystaionGamer said:at the end of the trailer is showed PS3 and Xbox 360.. completely gutted tbh. thought the Fox engine was next Gen It is... Now we just have to pray that MS didn't manage to snatch a next-gen exclusivity deal  Don't think Konami would be that retardedEvery "PS Franchise" that did go Multiplat still outsold and destroyed the 360...

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    New info on PS4! from GDC

    in Sony Discussion on 27 March 2013

    Well done Sony well done...

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    Analyst: Tomb Raider cost $100 million, needs 5-10 million sales to succeed

    in Sales Discussion on 27 March 2013

    ironmanDX said:Idiots. They're also spending 120 million on XIII Versus..... JUST LET SQUARE GO ENIX AND DIE! Versus13 will make it back over time especially if it stays Sony Exclusive and has all the features Nomura promised.It could be the first Final Fantasy in a complete Gen that is outstanding and good again.Alone that fact with the Sony Exclusivity will secure 10 Million...

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    Battlefield 4 skipping Wii U

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 March 2013

    JoeFlex said: LilChicken22 said:This is actually very concerning. Although we already knew EA is a horrible company and won't support Nintendo with certain games, I didn't expect a big game like this to skip Wii U. Let's hope the same won't happen with other next-gen games. Ubisoft already does a great job with Watch Dogs on Wii U. You just aroused a thought in me. I wonder...

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    Battlefield 4 revealed: 17 Minutes of Gameplay

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2013

    BaldrSkies said:And there were people saying Killzone looks better :P Killzone looks awesome and we have only seen an alpha build from a devkit that isn't using anywhere near the power of the final PS4 Console.On the other side you should askWhere are the people who still defend CoD aka "60 frames per second wit an engine from 1999!!!!!!" ?If you don't play BF4 NextGen even if you...

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    So, now two CEOs have 'resigned'...WHO´S NEXT?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 March 2013

    The Capcom CEO probably for what he did to all their franchises He is probably even worse than Wada cause he turned Resident Evil into Call of Gears of War while even dissing the whole Fanbase and saying they aren't worth the effort and the CoD Community is more important. On the other side Deep Down looks pretty nice In some way i want to see how they will change NextGen cause they said they...

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    Battlefield 4 leaked screens? WOW

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 March 2013

    This will be intense in Multiplayer Can't wait to see the Nr1 Shooter Franchise going all out Hope for console people your version will look close to this so you don't have to buy "Still using Engine from 1999"...

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    Sony dominates the indie scene at GDC by showcasing 25 games

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 March 2013

    I think the important point here is with what they showed and Sony and some Indie Devs said in the last few days is that the PS4/Sony is the 1st choice now for Indie Developers. Looks promising - Another big point for Sony What do they still have left to make better? Better architecture?Check Better Online Service?Check 1st Choice for 3rd Party cause easiest to develop for...

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    Now that we know next gen will be powerful enough, I think devs should finally make a....

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 March 2013

    S.T.A.G.E. said: Sal.Paradise said: I think I just filled the cup. And that is from an PS4 Indie DeveloperLets imagine if a big company would do something like that exclusive for the PS4...I wish for a Dino Crisis..But not Call of Dino Crisis Duty...I want a real Dino Crisis with all the stuff you mentioned.Fire the CEO of Capcom directly so he can...

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    BREAKING: Sony Santa Monica hiring for NEW project - God of War IV? New IP?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 March 2013

    badgenome said: New IP, please. Santa Monica Studios confirmed already in 2012 they work/plan for 2 NextGen Projects while one is a complete NEW IP.The other one is probably God of War.Maybe they hire now for another new game.Most Sony 1st and 2nd Party is working on 2 IPs or has planned already more games.And as far as i know they don't work on Fruit Ninja Ultimate or something...

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    Yoichi Wada resigns as Square Enix CEO

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 March 2013

    Finally the idiot is gone Sadly Nomura didn't take over. We only can hope the new guy will let Team Nomura finally work as he wants cause if he is doing the same we will never see KH3 or anything else from them. Nomura will probably rather waste time for the remaining time in his life before he goes Multiplat and downgrades his projects. But good to see Wada is gone. Still remember how Nomura...

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    Global HW & SW 16th March 2013 Up

    in Sales Discussion on 25 March 2013

    warhalohog said: VGKing said: gigantor21 said: CGI-Quality said: gigantor21 said: CGI-Quality said: gigantor21 said:Global numbers are up. More of the same for the Wii U; Vita numbers softening in Japan and still ass in the West. That was a pretty steep drop off for Ascension compared to 3, considering that both were on the market for the...

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    Xbox 720 not part of GDC. Let's talk about it.

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 March 2013

    When people like the developers of AssaCreed 4 and some others already say the PS4 Version is going to be the best out of all versions and others say the PS4 is the easiest to develop for platform we can be pretty sure those people have the consoles. GDC is a place for developers to talk with each other about industry stuff and they will do that.Like how no one is making money cause no one does...

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    First Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag GAMEPLAY TRAILER!

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 March 2013

    Amazing - I love pirates and they did a great job to combine it with AssaCreed as it looks like. ...

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    is ps3 actually selling better than 360?

    in Sales Discussion on 25 March 2013

    PS3 of course Sony got betrayed by everyone cause of the greed from the developers.At least most got what they deserved for it and struggle to compete in the market. The early versions of the 360 had more than 80% failure rate and most people replaced their console cause not everyone got a working 360 back or it broke shortly after that. A lot of consoles got banned yearly to the CoD/Halo...

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    Where do you buy your games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 March 2013

    Fayceless said:Gamestop and Steam. People don't understand Gamestop's value to gaming. Wal-Mart and other general retailers stock mainly shovelware and big hits because their uneducated (gaming-wise) consumers only buy crap. Niche games need a physical home, a presence in stores, otherwise they may not be released at all. Why do you think Xenoblade Chronicles was Gamestop-only? They...

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    Best kid-friendly games on Xbox 360 and PS3

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2013

    tres said: Zappykins said: I tend to be the 'fun uncle' to both bio and adopted family. So I get to entertain with kids. We all have a pretty good time. These are the ones that they tend to enjoy, request, and play the most. I put stars on my top 3: Happy Action Theater and Kinect Party, a bunch fun of 'mini game experiences' ***best for kids*** Kinect Fun Labs - many things,...

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