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Bonus points for me: Is Machina an Awesome mod?

Hell Yes! 167 73.25%
Yes 0 0%
Most assuradely 0 0%
Other option that is bett... 3 1.32%
I want to have his babies. 1 0.44%

Check this out on

"Rumor - Yoshinori Ono says Wii U has more to offer than was shown at E3
Jan 25, 2012 by cortjezterShow/Hide
Comments: 4This translation comes from Neogaf; the original coming from spanish gaming site, 3D Juegos. Obviously the quote isn't a rumor, but his claims are without any official backing.

What we saw last E3 is not a reflection of everything this console is able to offer. We have been trying the development kits and some of its new characteristics will improve its possibilities. It isn't something like Kinect or similar accessories, it's something different.

I can't tell you more about it because, if I do, Nintendo will send assassins to finish me! (laughs) But let’s say that Wii U will be a console with so many and unique possibilities that it will be difficult to show them in the box they are going to sell it or to be published by magazines and other mediums.

Check out the source link for the full article (in Spanish), which itself has a link to their own full interview."

This is THE best comment i have seen about Wii U!

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I would have hoped it had more to offer than it showed at E3! Because there wasn't that much >_<

In a preview for Animal Crossing 3DS, it has been revealed that as you take on the role of the mayor of your town (rather than being a resident as in previous games), you’ll be able to decorate more of your village, with the specific mention that you can “add benches or street lamps to brighten the place up and make your villagers happier.”

But, because “being mayor can be a daunting task,” you’ll be accompanied by a secretary throughout the course of the game. She’s a dog-like character that’s new to the series who is described as “clumsy” and will point out parts of the town that look good, or may need work. They also said “chatting with her may be one of the game’s highlights”.....

It’s also confirmed that it will be possible to “design every aspect of your house, right down to the design of the mailbox and the color of fencing outside.” In terms of interior design, you can change your furniture by taking it to a special furniture shop, which allows you to tweak individual objects so they look like you want them to look. Character-wise you’re able to have separate top and bottom designs for your clothing so, “if you want your little Animal Crossing boy to wear a t-shirt and a skirt then, odd as that may look, you can do it.”

The village itself is, “to be a lot bigger this time than ever with many separate section”, and you can see its general layout in the image above. There’s also a new section for “Model Homes”. These are homes designed to provide you with inspiration for your own designs. Plus, since the game supports StreetPass, when you pass someone with a save file for Animal Crossing 3DS, their house is added to this section.

So..... who’s excited?!


Info from Nintendo 3DS Blog.


Some of this information is worth it's own thread. I don't like having to search through these comments to see information that I happened to miss and not that many different people are commenting on one story of interest. By the time I see a piece of info I'd like to comment on there are already 5 other things that pushed it back into the distance. This might be why the same few people are commenting on t.

I really only come to the Nintendo forum to hear people discuss Nintendo news not just post it. This thread destroyed my reasons to coming to this forum.

On topic: Well 360 being only 20% more powerful is good since developer now have no excuse not to have games on all platforms. If it is true that means I'll have one less system to buy.

pokeclaudel said:
Some of this information is worth it's own thread. I don't like having to search through these comments to see information that I happened to miss and not that many different people are commenting on one story of interest. By the time I see a piece of info I'd like to comment on there are already 5 other things that pushed it back into the distance. This might be why the same few people are commenting on t.

I really only come to the Nintendo forum to hear people discuss Nintendo news not just post it. This thread destroyed my reasons to coming to this forum.

On topic: Well 360 being only 20% more powerful is good since developer now have no excuse not to have games on all platforms. If it is true that means I'll have one less system to buy.

To be honest the big news like the wii U power, Mario party 7 box art, and other big stories are posted by others anyways. I just have them here as well. It keeps the forums from being too cluttered as well. 90 percent of this is not worth a thread. But here is what I am going to do. Rememberthe Vita thread does not do this! I am going to post what I consider big stories in my 2nd post in the thread. How is that?

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Mewtwo Headed to the US for Owners of "Pokémon Black/White"

While Pokémon Black and White boasted all-new Pokémon (even though I swear that Pidoves are just Starlies with a new coat of paint), it was kind of sad not to see any of the classics, even from the original 151.


Gamers in Japan recently got O.G. Pokémon psychic beatdown expert Mewtwo as part of a special giveaway, and now Pokémon fans in North America can get their hands on the original Pokémon movie "villain" starting February 12th--this guy is supposed to have a move that Mewtwo normally can't learn, so it's probably the same special-edition Mewtwo from the Japanese giveaway, which was armed with Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and Electro Ball. He's also carrying a King's Rock, which gives a higher chance of making your opponent flinch.


You can find out more (as well as how to get your Mewtwo) on the giveaway page! Do we have any Pokémon trainers adding this guy to their Pokédex?



Basil's YouTube Channel


You sly devil! I was just compiling my list of articles to add from the day. IGN will have Resident Evil: Revelations review in 3 minutes!
I will add this!

Resident Evil Revelations Review from!

An evolution of evil

Resident Evil Revelations arrives on 3DS with a weight of expectation, both of the franchise it represents and as a major release on the revitalised handheld. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D may have landed first, but this is the one that fans have been anticipating. In a series renowned for its significant transformation and experimentation with a variety of genres, Revelations stakes its claim for an identity of its own.

For those in any doubt, particularly with the non-numbered title, this is a full entry in the series canon and not a spin-off. Revelations shares many traits with Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and the older titles, one of which is a significant focus on storytelling and setting. This title spins quite a yarn that’s set between the events of 4 and 5, with story segments presented in attractive rendered sequences that closely match the in-game graphics engine, and are grand in scope and execution. It won’t win any awards for scriptwriting, but it’s entertaining and has just enough corny dialogue to comfort Resi veterans.

The presentation of the story is absolutely integral to the experience, making it much more than padding between battles. Cut scenes are relatively short, and the plot drives the structure through 12 chapters of varying length: the longest can take over an hour to play through, while some are over in half that time. With longer chapters broken up into smaller sections, it’s clear that the experience was crafted with short gaming sessions in mind, though you'll often feel compelled to carry on to see how the story progresses. There is even a recap of previous events at the start of each new chapter, bringing further televisual flair into play.

Playing Revelations does feel like playing through an action horror film or, to be more accurate, a series of films. The action jumps between locations and time periods, with a number of characters at your command, from series favourites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield to new additions such as the well-bearded Parker. This brings a welcome sense of variety not only to the scenery but also to the gameplay, as Revelations takes multiple series elements and blends them together. There are lengthy spells of genuine survival horror, when bullets are scarce and enemies are worryingly hidden from view, while some spells ramp up the action to match the latest home console offerings, with hordes of monsters and bosses to battle. There are even some exhilarating on-rails and time-restricted sections, heightening the sense of variety that will either draw gamers in or potentially disorientate them. For those who approach the shifts in style and tempo with an open mind, it can be an exciting experience.

With the campaign incorporating different styles and challenges, it’s the controls that are most impressive. We’ve reviewed this title with the standard controls, excluding the Circle Pad Pro add-on, and the developers have succeeded in providing successful control schemes and enough customisation to satisfy almost all requirements. There are three button layouts available, with options for aiming and strafing fully interchangeable. Our preferred layout involved aiming with the right shoulder button and the Circle Pad, with the left shoulder used for strafing and moving while aiming. The ability to move and aim, as well as simplified weapon and medicinal herb management through both button inputs and the touch screen, means that the well-worn ‘tank’ controls from previous entries are a little more flexible and mobile.

Customisation is key throughout. Options are given to invert the axis or even aim with the gyroscope, a fun and functional alternative if not necessarily the most sensible option. Shooting can be executed through a first or third-person perspective: while third-person is the more traditional approach, first-person shooting adds to the tension and makes full use of the 3D visuals. Even the depth of the 3D effect has three settings, all variable with the console’s slider, the ‘very strong’ setting producing some of the most striking stereoscopic visuals that we’ve seen in any 3DS title to date.

While the campaign is varied and fairly lengthy, clocking in at over ten hours, Revelations is packed with extras and additional game modes. In the campaign alone you start with two difficulty settings, while completion of ‘normal’ will unlock the ‘hell’ mode, a New Game+ that allows you to retain weapons and items from the first playthrough. The standard setting is challenging in its own right, with boss fights a sticking point in the balancing of difficulty. We progressed well, with few deaths, until the first major boss encounter: in these difficult sections the otherwise solid controls can perhaps be a problem, with the dodge move – Up and B together with good timing – being particularly awkward.

In the grand scheme of things it's a minor issue overcome with a few run-throughs, with most sections suiting the control setup well. As expected, the hell difficulty pushes the limits, with enemies that move faster and absorb more bullets: skilful gamers will need persistence and practice to succeed. There are also Missions – or achievements – to complete, varying from killing a set number of monsters to successfully dodging 20 times.

Beyond the campaign is ‘Raid’ mode, Revelations' alternative take on the Mercenaries levels in previous entries. There are plenty of short levels set in stages from the campaign, with the simple goal of moving from A to B while killing all enemies en route. It’s here that the performance-based experience points accumulated in the campaign come to the fore, with options of more powerful guns and accessories available to buy. Items and weapons are also picked up in the stages themselves, with your weapons and ammo carrying over between levels: finding a balance between chasing a quick completion time and seeking out all weapon ammo and items is vital. More experience points are gained based on ranked performance, with your character level and selection of weapons increasing gradually with progress.

This mode is available in single, local and online multiplayer, with the multiplayer restricted to two players. The online setup provides various filters such as region, difficulty level and selected stage, meaning that it should be possible to host or join a match that's suitable. Although there's no way to communicate with your team-mate, sticking together – using the touch screen map for guidance when necessary – definitely leads to better results, making it an enjoyable experience despite occasional issues with lag. The levels in Raid quickly become extremely difficult in single player, so jumping online or finding a friend with a copy of the game will be vital for working through the mode in its entirety, as well as chasing those all-important S ranks and achievements.

Overall presentation is exceptional: the graphics set a new 3DS benchmark, with detailed lighting and textures on display. The 3D effect is truly impressive, the added depth enhancing the immersion of the gameplay. When viewed in 2D the anti-aliased edges are smoother, while 3D increases the overall vibrancy of the visuals. There can be drops in frame rate on some occasions; never game-breaking but noticeable, while the shadows looks strangely jagged and pixelated amongst the otherwise impressive graphical effects. The sound is, in a word, outstanding, doing an exceptional job of causing frights, with the monsters and environmental noises particularly effective. With dramatic orchestrated music and passable voice-acting just about doing its bit, this is definitely a title to play with headphones on.


Resident Evil Revelations is a truly impressive achievement, and the definitive ‘mature’ title on the 3DS. With production values worthy of a home console release, a significant volume of content, a blend of the series’ different game styles and a subtly evolved control system, this title feels like a tribute to and progression of the franchise. There are some downsides though, including spikes in difficulty and drops in frame rate that are occasionally jarring in contrast to the rest of the title. All the same, Revelations has something to offer Resi fans old and new – there are few experiences on the 3DS more engrossing or exciting.



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Lost Heroes - teaser trailer



Hints: Fishing Resort

We have some exclusive hints for the XSEED published fishing game.

It's a bit of a Fishing Resort week here at NWR. Yesterday we gave you a chance to win your very own copy of the game, and today we're giving you some exclusive hints on how to make the most of your trip to the resort.

These hints come straight from Fishing Resort's publisher, XSEED Games.

Tip 1: Your fishing guide is your friend.

Not sure what type of fish you’ve caught, or even how many there are to catch?  Trying to find the location of a specific fish you’ve caught already but just can’t remember where?  Search your suitcase!  In your hotel room is a suitcase for clothes, photographs and a journal, as well as the all-important fishing guide.  The guide will show the silhouettes of fish that haven’t been caught yet, but it’s still a good way to know how many undiscovered fish are still in the area.  For fish that have already been caught, it will provide a wealth of information such as their picture, how many points they’re worth, how many have been caught already and their sizes, as well as the best place to find more.

Tip 2: Do non-fishing activities for quick points.


Fishing Resort has a lot of non-fishing activities, and you will be rewarded for just trying them.  Points are given for just about everything; from the first time you ride a bike, to the first time participating in a kayak race to even just being a friendly tourist and chatting it up with a neighbor.  Need a quick 1000 points?  Just look at the map on the bulletin board!  It’s that easy, so do everything!  It’s rewarding, plus it will also earn you a night fishing pass in the process.

Tip 3: More varieties of fish equals more fishing environments.


When trying to unlock new areas to access, catch as many varieties of fish as possible and speak to the many tourists strewn about as some of them will offer to sell licenses to new areas. The licenses are usually offered for a few thousand points, but before they will sell it you will have to prove your fishing prowess by catching a certain variety of fish, so cast a wide net and catch as many different fish as you can, rather than duplicates of the same fish, when trying to access new areas. 

Thanks to XSEED Games and their PR for the hints


Hulu Plus 'coming soon' to 3DS


It's been awhile, but the latest Nintendo eShop promo video (which we posted earlier) states that Hulu Plus is still on the way to 3DS. No specific date or even a timeframe. All we get to know is that it's 'coming soon'.


Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D - a few more details, Kojima comments on ease of use

- Uses a 4GB cartridge
- IGN: graphics “look as good to better than they did on the PlayStation 2″
- Aiming and camera control are handled with the face buttons
- Can adjust sensitivity
- Quicker access to the inventory, weapon selection, menus, via touch screen
- HUD is completely clear now
- Content seems nearly identical to the PlayStation 2 version

Kojima made a point to speak out on the 3DS re-release, as he believes it's even easier to play than the original.

"We are trying to make it as easy to use as possible. We're taking a lot of care in the very small details, like when you lay down, using the screen below to change your weapons."

Link, Link


New Dragon Quest X details

This is some cool stuff Pokeclaudel!

New Dragon Quest X details accompanied today’s screenshot update. We learn about the methods of transportation in the game – such as the railroad – and the quest system.

The new information is as follows:

- Use the railroad to travel in the world
- The five continents of the game world are connected by “extreme long distance railroad”
- Magic train can instantly transport you to your destination
- Rula Stone transportation: the item remember locations you’ve previously visited, travel quickly to these destinations
- Each stone remembers just one location
- Stone can be reprogrammed to a different location
- Can hold multiple stones at once
- “Mini stories”/quests will be offered in downloadable form
- Some quests are specific to particular job types, others are specific to continents
- Martial Artists’ Quest: You open a training book that you received from a youth and see a quest left behind by a legendary martial artist.
- Warrior Quest: This mysterious quest is given to you buy a mysterious elder. You’re asked to travel to a certain location.
- Monk Quest: This quest asks that you find a particular person. To complete the quest, you’ll need to figue out the meaning of a mysterious poem.

Thanks to 4Him for the tip!



Fan Art: real Kokiri shield

If you often find yourself in wooded areas battling small to mid-sized monsters, you might think about picking up one of these bad boys. If you're more of a hell-dweller, then this isn't going to last you long.

Check out this and some of his other game-related fan art at the source link.

Thanks to Jake for letting us know!

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Another positive Resident Evil: Revelations review...............

The only ones on meta so far to give it a low score are gamesTM.

and their main gripe with it, is that its actually on a portable system.

get over it gamesTM, bunch on whiny gits.

bunch OF whiny gits i mean lol.