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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - "The Official Nintendo News Thread" Thread might be locked for good. If not, you can only view it with your pages turned to 25 posts per page. Thread Under Construction.


Bonus points for me: Is Machina an Awesome mod?

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This thread can be used to talk about anything Nintendo related. Mainly though I will assume that people will want current events pertaining to Nintendo. The Wii U and 3DS especially so, since they are the biggest things going on with Nintendo right now. Nintendo has been making videogames and videogame consoles for over 30 years now! Mario, Kirby, Zelda (Link), Donkey Kong, Catpain Falcon, and many others are as easily recognizable as Tom and Jerry or Spongebob. We are not certain about what will be happening with the Wii U, but we have a clear view at this time of the short term future of the 3DS. Kid Icarus, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, and even Luigi will all soon be making appearances on the 3DS. Just like in the Vita thread (which I think is a wonderful thread, and that is why I am following that format) I will be posting the daily news here on anything Nintendo. I will try to make it news that is not thread worthy, but is fun to know about anyways.