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Forums - Movies & TV - George Lucas Blames 'Star Wars' Critics for Killing Series

There is no need for me to say more than what Mr. Plinkett can say...

mmmm Pizza Rolls...

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"theprof00 1 hour ago

Well, the first ones were heavily adlibbed by the actors, and lucas didn't have the budget he wanted.
Turned out great.
As soon as we saw his "vision" and saw him control the dialogue, we all realized what a hack he was."


Excellent point!  Like at the end of one of the first ones Lea says to Solo, "I love you." The script had him saying, "I love you too." but he improvised one of the best character/story moments in the movie. 

When you get to hire excellent actors, the director should get out of their way, and try to recognize their brilliance. 

I kind of feel bad for Lucas, but he really doesn't get it.  (and should release the originals on Blu-ray like that fan's want.)


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I came in here wanting to flame him. I even liked the 1 and 3 prequals which were on par with return of the jedi imo.
I've always thought the first 2, particularly 2, were by far and away the best ones. And the other movies were fun movies with cool effects.

But his comments make sense. I want him to release the original star wars trilogy cleaned up, but with out the extra crap added on blu-ray. I don't think that's too much to ask. Blade Runner included all 5 edits in the Blu-Ray Disc.

But as with all games/movies with legions of fans, the legions of fans go nuts and are really not constructive. It is George Lucas's Vision that created Star Wars (with the help of many people). And his vision was different than some of the fans. Now, I don't like a lot of what he did. But at the same time I enjoyed them.

fans don't consensusly really know what they want either, or they all want something different. The internet's just an echo chamber for bashing while a lot not being constructive. I'm a musician, and I could see how this would annoy the hell out of you. But at the same time, I don't have hundreds of millions of dollars lining my pockets, that can change perspective.

This is the greatest thing that could have happened to the franchise. With Lucas out of the picture we won't get anymore embarrassingly bad sequels/prequels and desecrations of the original films with totally unecessary digital effect add ons.

Even if someone else picks up the series and pumps out a few more movies they can not possibly be as bad as the prequels.

If anyone killed star wars it was Lucas himself.

He shaped my childhood only to piss on it years later.

When I'm dead he'll probably dig up my bones and [censored] them too...


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I heard that working for George Lucas was like working at a Nazi training camp. The actors have to listen to everything what he has to say without question. The creative team also fears Lucas when he steps into the creative room. Everybody also has to laugh at his bad jokes too.


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Geesh, the last thing you want to do is admit that trolls got to you. If I had anymore respect left for this guy, it would be gone.

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Honestly, I don't understand what was so good about the old Star Wars movies? Had the Internet been around back then, no one would have liked those ones either. There is not really anything better about them than the newer movies.

Did anyone actually think that the Droids, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and all of those characters WEREN'T cheesy as hell? How about lines like "May the force be with you!" This is what Starwars is about, complete cheese. Characters like Jar Jar fit in there fairly well.

I think the difference with the Internet is that the nerdy Starwars fanbase is upset that every single character is not Terminator badass - the Internet nerd is very egotistical, and anything that threatens that "badass" persona they build up for themselves is something they want nothing to do with - this is why so many of them like Industrial and Heavy/slash/core/evil/death/black/badass/hardcore/deathcore/slashcore/evilcore/badasscore Metal. You're a bunch of GROWN MEN who play magic cards and dungeons and dragons, and read comic books, in places where no one else on the Internet is looking - and yet you critisize Jar Jar =P

Truth be told, I can't get through any of the Star Wars movies except for Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith, and Return of the Jedi if I had a lot of Caffeine.

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Gosh.. at least he aknowledge that fans are hating on him... for a while I thought he just lived in his own universe far far away.. and Han shot first!


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The prequels are horrible, at least he won't be milking SW every 5 minutes now... maybe