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Machina said:

Just, wow, shocking figures all round. Compared to NPD, everything's going to be massively overtracked. And how did MS get to 66 million shipped with such a low December in the States?


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WTF? 360 1.7m in december?? While having 46% of the share???????

Man, how off was VGC, for the 360 that's like 400,000 off a week average!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Four. Hundred. Thousand... a week!

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Seece said:
Crazy season then, 360 rises 500k month over month last holiday, with shortages. This holiday, 360 is up yoy in Nov 360k, but drops the following month 160k, with no shortages? lol.

'outselling the second place console by more than 2.7 million units.'

By my calculations thats like 800 - 1m for PS3 and Wii ...

Wii = 1 million
Ps3 = 800 million

Nintendo do usually release numbers eventually either in a PR statement or financial report. 


Given that we, EEDAR and Pachter were closer than everything NPD just provided, I would say that they are the odd one out....

Can't believe these numbers.

I wonder what spin Nintendo is cooking for their PR.

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Holy shit! 360 is massively overtracked by VGChartz!

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Am I gonna get in trouble if I say embarrassing?

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Any number over 800k for PS3 is UP YoY... good.

Guess people here are unfamiliar with the term Channel stuffing. We are literally swimming on 360s here. The local stores have each hundreds since weeks. MS did a really good job at convincing retailers to buy such a vast amount. They are doing everything to keep the PS3 behind.

hatmoza said:
Am I gonna get in trouble if I say embarrassing?

No, this is really embarassing.

Vgchartz should really adress this issue, it will only give them more credibility to fix issues that are found. This overtracking is massive, almost 40%.