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"I just can't get why....
Userbase: Wii : 95 millions, 3DS 14 millions"

Perhaps, just perhaps, userbase does NOT determine that all games must sell equivalently to their userbases.

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Lucas-Rio said:
killeryoshis said:

OOT3D has a bundle and no competition in the RPG or Advanture genre and the 3DS is selling well while Wii is well 400k behind this week.

Skyward Sword is selling better then Twlight Princess really

Twlight Princess Skyward Sword
716,111 978,010
263,673 300,572
205,952 310,794
186,546 281,228

So it's selling fine nothing wrong with it yet.

TP was a launch title you can't compare. Following this path SS will have trouble to do 60% of TP.

So its going to drop like a rock next holiday? Wii numbers will be low but it won't be dead. Also userbase doesn't matter

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Maybe OoT is better than SS because it doesn't have the unnecessary bs slowing you down.




SS is a great game... people are just not buyingit as i thought, nothing wrong with it.... Maybe it is out a year too late... Wii is having great numbers amongs the casual..

i am surprise i hope it will reach 4 mil at least... 5 Mil will be a dream...
I can still hope in a last gold wii bundle edition at soem point next year!


Considering how the game requires MotionPlus, the userbase could be closer to 40 million than 90 million. Combine that with a natural decline in interest for the Wii, poor advertising, the fact that Nintendo games usually leg, and how OoT3D is feeding off of the 3DS's stellar success, and you have a recipe for a negative comparison.

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Are we talking launch-aligned here?

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Yes i Agreed, OOT3D released earlier than SS. And maybe some Wii user doesnt have Wii Motion?
But comparing to TP sales SS still had a better running sales.

well nintendos titles got good shelve life,   


and 2 , im getting mine tuesday  ,  

and 3 --- end of wii life maybe ,   sounds strange but ya also note oot 3d is for a totally different market a market which sells more for nintendo ,  obviously not that their wii hasnt been great for them its been wonderful , b ut handhelds from nintendo sell more faster no matter what then their console because their cheaper 

OoT 3D is being lifted by the bundle and was released far earlier in the year. Not to undermine OoT 3D's success - The fact that so many people are grabbing it and the bundle shows that people are interested in the first place. It has competition - SM3DL and Mario Kart 7, and a lot of people are still buying it (and I can't even find a bundle where I am - I'm not convinced the "limited" bundle is all that is causing OoT 3D to uprise) over or with those games.


But people are actually undermining Skyward Swords sales. not OoT 3D sales. It's selling at a faster pace than TP, and being (TP) an AAA title with name recognition as a launch title IMPROVES sales upon launch (and it was released for the Holidays just like Skyward Sword!). It's true that TP had a good  5 years to sell, though..and that's why SS is selling faster. I don't believe the game will die out near the Wii U's release and it's faster start will assure that it legs to 4-5 million anyway.


However, it's possible to go either way. We just have to wait and see what happens. The Oracles/Majora's Mask released late into their systems life cycles and didn't sell as amazing as other Zelda games in the long run. If Skyward Sword fails to make it to 5 million or even TWW numbers, it isn't anything we haven't seen in the past with the series anyway.



Ocarina of Time 3D (like many said) has released earlier than this and is now in a bundle, which the 3DS is a hot item right now and parents want to save money so of course they would go with the bundle. Plus there is like no advertisement for SS and OOT3D had a famous person advertise for it.

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