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Forums - Movies & TV - What Is The Greatest James Bond Film?

From his first appearance in the 1953 novel Casino Royale, James Bond (or 007) has defined the image of a suave, smooth-talking secret agent. Through six actors, dozens of films, various novels, and plenty of great videogames, James Bond has entertained millions of fans over the last several decades. However, there's no question that 007 has achieved his greatest notoriety through the Bond films. The recent ascension of Daniel Craig and the smash hits Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace have helped to maintain the series' status as the highest grossing action film series of all time. Ultimately, only one of these film can claim the title of the greatest Bond movie.

My personal pick would be You Only Live Twice:

You Only Live Twice is the perfect Bond flick. It manages to combine a crazy villain, a wide assortment of gadgets, wacky settings, plenty of action, and the great performance of Sean Connery all into one. And unlike many of the later Bond films, particularly under Roger Moore, it manages to do all of this without being ridiculously over the top.

So, what do you think is the greatest Bond film?



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From Russia with Love of course!

Close second... Goldeneye.

* Note: Fav. Game of all time as well!

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My favourite (s) would have to be either The Living Daylights or Licsense to Kill. to me they felt much more believable. rather than some of the more bizzare storylines like a space rocket being highjacked by another space rocket, a fortress under the sea, a newpaper mogal attempting to make bad news. etc.

there were great enemies, great twists and great car chases!

spurgeonryan said:
From Russia with Love of course!

Close second... Goldeneye.

* Note: Fav. Game of all time as well!

From Russia With Love is definitely one of Connery's classics. Not sure how it would be received today though.



For me it's either For Your Eyes Only or Die Another Day. I guess not too many will agree with me though, so I add I really like all the movies except for License To Kill, that just didn't feel like a Bond movie.

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You Only Live Twice.

Has the perfect Villain and Connery...

I'm not really here!

I've watched almost every Bond film, but I don't remember seeing Goldeneye before- it is like the lost film that never seems to be shown on TV :s

My favourite is probably Goldfinger

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Maybe it's just nostalgia but I think it's between Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever (the theme songs are playing in my head in a nostalgic way). The early Moore Bonds were also okay but all the new ones suck.

Can't really pick a fave or best.

Top 5 in no order would be Casino Royale, GoldenEye, GoldFinger, You Only Live Twice and On Her Majesty Secret Service,


Goldfinger. It's amazing.