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Forums - Movies & TV - Expendables 2 teaser trailer

My mullet is shaking with excitment!!


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I know this movie is going to be horrible, but dammit, I'll be going to see it!

Such a skimpy cast... needs Bas Rutten and Rutger Hauer, IMO.

Loved the first one and I know I'm going to love this one. Can't wait.

Chuck Norris....!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped.
Then I saw Van Damme....and I went nuts! I gotta see this one, holy///

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Hmmm... interesting.

I heart van damme. In fact I may trade my avatar out for a van damme one.

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Van Damme?, Norris?, and Schwartzenegger?! Thats all I needed to know.

When is it coming out? Can't wait! Loved the first one.

Can't wait!!!!!! Awesome, love Van Damme....

The only thing missing is Steven Segal. Other than that, it has almost all the classick action movie names I grew up with ^^

Day 1 watch