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Forums - Sales Discussion - NPD November: X360 #1 - 1.7M, PS3 900k~,Wii - 860k, 3DS 795k

Let us just to wait. Now it is too early to have the arguments.

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Yay tagged!

zhao3gold said:
Let us just to wait. Now it is too early to have the arguments.

now is the time to have arguements because when the npd numbers come out there will be nothing to argue about since we will have actual sales figures.


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Here's what I think 360 - 1.5M, PS3 - 867K, wii - 900K, also what do we think about this?

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Should be a fun NPD. :)

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i still wonder why pachter became rich for what he is doing. every person on this planet could predict sales like he's predicting. but if you or me would do it nobody would care... :(


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