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Forums - Sales Discussion - NPD November: X360 #1 - 1.7M, PS3 900k~,Wii - 860k, 3DS 795k

You're it!

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still long time to go. can't wait~~

Unfortunately I am taking the staff out on the annual xmas bash tonight in Manchester.... I will have to check back in on this tomorrow. Tagged.

I'm not really here!

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Hope the numbers are up when I wake up!

starcraft: "I and every PS3 fanboy alive are waiting for Versus more than FFXIII.
Me since the games were revealed, the fanboys since E3."

Skeeuk: "playstation 3 is the ultimate in gaming acceleration"

22h? Ack.

As a ps3 fan, I'm constantly disappointed by NPD numbers, so this time around I'm expecting the worst both for SW and HW for ps3.

One hour and no news :p ?

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