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What's your favorite drug?

Alcohol 8 16.00%
Cannabis (Marijuana/Hashish) 13 26.00%
MDMA (XTC) 5 10.00%
Mushrooms 3 6.00%
LSD (Acid) 1 2.00%
Cocaine 0 0.00%
Heroin 2 4.00%
Designer Drugs (2c-famili... 0 0.00%
Other (please specify) 5 10.00%
See results 13 26.00%

This could be interesting. The definition of drugs is any substance that changes your mental and/or physical state. Yes, this includes alcohol and even N2O.

I myself am a fan of MDMA (XTC for you noobs) and mushrooms. MDMA is basically a ticket to paradise and I've had some extreme intense and interesting experiences on mushrooms, closed-eye visuals can be bizarrely cool, too!

How 'bout you?

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Drugs are okay from time to time, but the effects are generally just 'weird' for me, and I often find myself wanting to come down while I'm still high. The last few times I've taken weed it's had some really strange effects on me; extreme paranoia, hearing voices, barely able to speak or think straight, etc.

So I'm probably done experimenting with drugs tbh.

A thing of beauty, strength, and grace lies behind that whiskered face.

I haven't done much, only weed and alcohol. Alcohol is my favourite of the two, cheap, easy and fun (more so than weed imo). I don't smoke anymore though.

Even though I only did it once, its weed. The first time, it felt like everything around me slowed down a bit. Felt very weird. But I didn't break into anxiety or anything.

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Cocaine, makes me become Tony Montana

Turkish said:
Cocaine, makes me become Tony Montana

Uh Oh! Turkish is pulling the Bruce Lee, somebody stop him...

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I wanted to make a top 3 but I really couldn't decide which to omit, so I made it a top 4.

In no particular order:


Weed - it's just something I do alot, it makes everything more interesting and fun. I honestly believe it's what is getting me through college. Without I wouldn't have had enough motivation.

MDMA - Freaking love the feeling of it. I try to do it not to often because I don't want to lose the magic, which seems to be happening to heavy users. Once every 4 weeks is the max.

LSD - I have both done mushrooms and LSD quite some times and like them both, but if I had to chose a favorite, I would rate LSD above mushrooms. Mushrooms make everything foggy and warps all your hallucinations together, while on LSD everything is far more clear and in my eyes more beautiful. Also beats all the other hallucigenics like the 2c ones.

DMT - And kaboom your shot out of reality into an other dimension. It's so amazing and odd. Had to try it a dozen times before I even really toke off, but when you do it's like nothing else you've ever seen.

I also really like the combo of MDMA and LSD. They work in an amazing synergy. I also do........well almost everything else actually, but most of the time hallucigenics. I don't like amphetamines (expect MDMA of course) and opiates that much. I also will stay away from crocodile, meth and heroin. Although the last I really do want to try. It's supposed to give you a feeling that's like a 1000 times better that coming, but knowing that you are going to get addicted from the first time on doesn't seem to enticing. Maybe when I'm diagnosed with terminal cancer or some such thing.

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