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Ajescent said:
RolStoppable said:
Ajescent said:
KylieDog said:

50: Heavy Rain

49: Tomb Raider Anniversary


Reasons in main thread, like anyone cares.

Heavy Rain at 50? wow, didn't see that coming.

It was one of the games he listed as one of the worst ones he paid for in another thread, right?

I feel sorry for KylieDog. Life hasn't been good to him, if he needs to list garbage to fill a list with 50 spots.

On the plus side, he's not listing Nintendo games at 50 to show he's not biased.

As I said in the main thread, for that one first playthrough the game/experience is truly great, and unique which earns it more than anything.  I'm not factoring price into my top 50 since that creates all sorts of issues because I bought some great games at bargains and others full price, paying £40 for Heavy Rain is one of my main bothers about it, but it doesn't apply for this list purposes.


I count I think 13 Nintendo games, no hints when they will appear though.


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#49. Plants vs. Zombies (Game of the Year Edition) (PC)

BRRAAAAAINS! The Zombies are coming!

I had heard a lot of good things about this game for many months and it ended being the game I gifted to my Tiny Tim in last year's Steam Secret Santa (he had requested it). I was intrigued, so I decided to buy it for myself and what I discovered what a quirky, fun and addictive game. The game offers a great variety of plants to counter an equally varied army of invading zombies (Zomboni being my favorite because of the wonderful pun) and just when you think you've mastered the art of zombie killing, night falls and you've got to change your whole strategy.

You can also take a break from the main game to play a great range of mini games from zombie bowling to vase breaking to zombie-jeweled. Afterwards, if you're really looking for a break, there's the Zen Garden where you water your plants, feed them fertilizer and train a snail to collect money!

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RolStoppable said:
KylieDog said:

50: Heavy Rain

49: Tomb Raider Anniversary


Reasons in main thread, like anyone cares.

I picked Tomb Raider Legend. I know I've previously said that Anniversary is the best TR, but I've reconsidered that position since then. Legend may be shorter, but it has more varied locations. Also, the cutscenes and especially the writing in Legend are far superior.

Perhaps Legend has more story and is more cinematic, but Anniversary has much more game and is the better for it.

49 - Deus Ex: Human revolution (pc)

This game is not a good shooter, but a rather enjoyable stealth/hacking game. The thing with hacking though is that you hack a computer to retrieve passwords which you don't need if you go your way hacking.

non-gravity said:

Perhaps Legend has more story and is more cinematic, but Anniversary has much more game and is the better for it.

I would agree, if Anniversary didn't have some annoying levels. The first one in Greece (fifth overall) has a really convoluted design and it's the longest level in the entire game. The Egypt level where you have to raise two obelisks isn't particularly good either.

Legend has fewer levels, but they are consistently more fun to play. Well, the two motorcycle sections are very basic, but they don't hurt the overall game too much.

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49. Kameo: Elements of Power

I remember how excited I was when I learned about this game, controlling a character that could become 10 different creatures, each with their own unique abilities, I was sold. The game is extremely fun, and I always got excited when I collected a new Elemental Sprite. This is honestly the best Ben 10 game ever made.

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49. Sonic CD (PC) - I love the sonic series but for some reason I never found the love for this series as much as I did for mario. This game was the best sonic I've played (until a later entry) and the levels you travel through are fun as hell. I still get that title song stuck in my head sometimes and whenever we played the sonic stage in brawl I made sure that song played 100%. I don't know why I choose this game over the others, esspecially since I played this alone, but I guess that I found it the most rewarding in how speed flowed with the level design. Anyway, still great, catchy inrto song, great level design. TONNSSS OF BLAASSTT PRROOSSSCCEESSSIINNGGGG!!!!!!!!

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Hey Smeags, Plants VS Zombies is a great game. When I first heard of it I wasn't really interested in it, and the videos really didn't spark my interest either, it was some fateful day when the Internet went out in my house and I discovered my cousin's netbook had a demo of it that I decided to give it a shot; needless to say it was fun as hell. :)

#49: Mario Kart Wii
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If you know anything about me, then you know that when it comes to racing games, I place my love and devotion to the more arcadey ones. The more realistic they become, the sleepier I become (scientists are still trying to understand the connection between us... although some have suggested that the cause may be extreme boredom). But when there's a racer with turtle shells, banana peels, and plumbers involved, sign me up! There's over 300 hours of playtime with Mario Kart Wii, and it's all because of the series' tried and true gameplay and amazing multiplayer mayhem. Whether it's online (still one of Wii's best online titles), with 3 friends on a couch (still the best way to play!), or you by yourself trying to get all the medals, the game is super fun any way to play. Bring on Mario Kart 7.

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Yeah, I didn't purchase the game until it came out on the iPhone, but once I had a taste of PvZ... I needed more! More! So I downloaded the PC version a little while later (Whack-a-Zombie is much more difficult on the PC...), and then this year I purchased the DSiWare version on the eShop. Heck, I even bought my sister the retail game for her DSLite.

I'll have to start editing in my reason in I just got to find time in between Skyrim, food and more Skyrim.

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