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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If motion controls went away, would you miss them?

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Would you miss motions controls?

Yes, I think they have re... 14 20.90%
Yes, they can make a good... 20 29.85%
I don't know. 2 2.99%
No, they haven't really ... 10 14.93%
No, they haven't helped ... 21 31.34%
miz1q2w3e said:
^^omg I forgot about dual analog shooters = yuck!

Wiimote is SOO much faster and more precise, I hate going back to DA sticks when playing games with shooting on other consoles :(

You guys know what I'm talking about?

Yes very much. Its like playing Gamevube games with a snes controller

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After 10 years without a console I'm finally to the market thanks to the Wii and games like Wii Sports. So yes would miss them!

Nah not really. There are a few fun games that could not have existed without them but I could live without those and the rest of the good-great games on Wii could've been or were done without motion controls.


i'll probably get move over crimbo

i wouldn't say i'm into acting out sword play,far too energetic for me but i'd like it for point and click games and psn games say like back to the future, sam and max,flower,cuboid taht sort of thing

i played red steel and zelda TP on the wii,zelda was fine but i'm not up and arm slashing with the controller like in wii sports/resort

driver parallel lines on the wii worked really well for me as gameplay,driving along with the nunchuck and shooting away with the pointer,good fun it was

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For starters i never bought Move Kinect or a Wii so im just voting no because i have played the best games of this generation and most of them aren't motion controlled.

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I still think motion controls have a future, but so far the games where it really adds something are far and few between.

I don't really like them for fps. Aiming is easier sure, but turning while running around still feels awkward. And with the Wii you can't point away from the screen to turn quickly, while move puts an annoying glowing sphere in your field of vision. Fine for sports games, but it ruins the immersion while playing an fps in a dark room.

Nope, I avoid motion controls whenever possible.

I was actually looking forward to them when Wii was announced. But you know, it's just not as cool as I hoped for. Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned controller with sticks and buttons. Why fix what's not broken?

I wouldn't miss motion controls at all. Others clearly would though, including millions who wouldn't otherwise be gamers right now if it weren't for them, so I don't resent the existence of motion controls or anything, it just does nothing for me.

I miss the Wii, but that's something far bigger than just motion controls.

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I kinda dont want to go back to sticks for FPSs, KZ3 and GE sold me. But other than that, not really no, never really cared too much about SC, WiiSports or KS