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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If motion controls went away, would you miss them?

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Would you miss motions controls?

Yes, I think they have re... 14 20.90%
Yes, they can make a good... 20 29.85%
I don't know. 2 2.99%
No, they haven't really ... 10 14.93%
No, they haven't helped ... 21 31.34%

It's about a year since Sony and Microsoft launched Move and Kinect respectively, and neither have really set the world on fire.

Meanwhile, the Wii has slowed down despite receiving a pricecut in may, and the WiiU focuses a bit more on being a traditionally controlled console than the Wii.

While I don't see motion controls going anywhere, it does give me a good backdrop for asking:

If motion controls went away, would you miss them?

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I know I would really miss motion controls. Red Steel 2 was the first game that really made me see the value in motion controls (it was pretty awesome!), and playing the games that are starting to come out for Kinect now, I know I really would miss them. They can really bring a new dimension to a game when they're done well.

I'd really do. There are so many things that motion controls can do better than standard controls and let's not forget that they have added countless of new gameplay possibilities. Perhaps they have spoiled me a bit too much because I can't imagine going back to standard controls for shooters, and I do not want to use analog sticks to control my bow in Zelda ever again.

nothing worth having has come out using motion controls except the fight lights out and the Wii sports games.

Since the only thing that could use them, sword fighting, is barely even there, no :P

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Since I was never a fan of it and never saw the use in its current form; no, not even one bit.

Yes, I will miss them. Few things are as entertaining as Just Dance with friends.

Short answer: No

Long answer: No, not at all.

No troll is too much for me to handle. I rehabilitate trolls, I train people. I am the Troll Whisperer.

Not at all.

I wouldnt miss them.

I tried to get into the PS Move and Wii Motion and couldnt do it. I even bought the Sharpshooter thinking it would help. But nothing, found it difficult to enjoy the game while using them