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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Red Steel 2 or: How I learned to love motion controls!

In my daily gaming life, I have generally been open to motion controls, but haven't seen or played a lot of games that enticed me to really like them. Truthfully, up until now, the point in switching to motion controls wasn't clear to me, I hadn't seen any game where motion controls were not just a little better, but in every way superior to the traditional setup.

I was excited to play Red Steel 2 for this very reason, and I can tell you that the game and the controls are nothing short of epic!

This is what I have been waiting for! This is the game that defines motion controls for me, it's not a slight improvement over anything before, it's not something that might as well have been played on any other platform and it's not a minigame collection! It is a full game, filled with traditional gaming values (a 'core' game, so to speak) that is absolutely exclusive to motion controls, and it is awesome!

It takes some playtime before you can really pull off the moves you want to and block at the right time and really get the controls, but even when you haven't reached that state, it's still fun as hell!

I think the game that it can be best compared to is Mirror's Edge. It takes a while to really 'get it', but once you do and the controls start feeling fluid, it is an experience like no other! But it's hard to make a good comparison, because the game really is like nothing before it!

The next step is hopefully to see a similar type of game on the PS Move, because playing through the game, there are still some basic quibbles that are probably solvable by using the Move. The first one is certainly, which is the wire for the Nunchuck getting in the way (although you can buy a wireless third party Nunchuck, I don't know if works with M+ though). It's not a big problem, but it does get annoying from time to time.
Secondly, there are still some issues with motion registration from time to time. It works well the great majority of the time, but it would be nice if it worked like it's supposed to, all the time.

Go buy this sweet and awesome game, which needs your support more than any other Wii title I can think of.

EDIT: Okay, I decided to record myself playing the game, and I don't think I look stupid enough to not show those interested what it looks like


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Oh heck! This game's out here today! Totally forgot! I better pick it up, soon.

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No fair! I just convinced myself to wait until it goes on sale and then you post this! I thought we were friends! >:P

I really need to get this game. It sounds like it's really good considering it's one of the first core games that you absolutely NEED motion+ to play.

Getting mine today.

Thanks for jazzing me up again.

Red Steel 2 is a good game. That's all I can really say.

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Sorry axum, this is bigger than you and me

Hopefully more people come to the same conclusion. This game could do great things sales-wise if it is recieved as the definitive motion plus experience, especially before Zelda comes to take that mantle away.

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There I came. I would talk more but in good job...

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Blacksaber said:
There I came. I would talk more but in good job...

That's just gross, though I can understand you, Red Steel 2 is pretty sexy after all!

That's definitely the next Wii game I buy. Now I really want to try these controls.