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Forums - Sales Discussion - So after the NPD, is the 3DS doomed again?

Well, it turns out that the effect of the pricecut for the 3DS wasn't as great as expected, and with Nintendo supposedly losing money of every system sold (and software hasn't been that great either) - is the 3DS doomed?

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It'll sell 5 millions without games.

Let's wait for the holidays :). After a full year we can say more....But yeah dissapointing sales it is very cheap now but let's wait for the games that matter and the holidays :)


Wait until it gets games.


Carl2291 said:
Wait until it gets games.

well said

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Yeah the sales are a bit disappointing but please wait for the right games to come out. Wait until Mario Kart and Mario 3D comes. In Japan 3DS is doing great and it will have a big game there so I won't even called it doomed.

what do you expect it to do?.. its still amazing it sells as much as it does without proper games!..

now close your eyes and imagine what happens when the good games come!..


It sold AMAZING in Canada

World wide it is selling better than any other system already. The holidays this year will tell the tale. Also the fact that Nintendo is selling it at a loss only means they are now using the same business model as Sony and Microsoft.

umm.. no :P It still needs games. I don't know what people expected, but it has almost tripled in sales since the pricecut. That's a lot!!!