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Forums - Movies Discussion - Your most hated movie of 2011 so far

Pirates 4: I don't know what the hell happened, I thought the series would benefit from a fresh start away from Will and Elizabeth but everything was just flat about this movie....makes me quite sad actually...if they do continue to make Pirates movies I hope they go back to their roots on what made the first one so special and charming.

Green Lantern: I'm a huge DC fan. and this was a sheer disappointment for me. But I think I figured out what went wrong with the film. You see heroes like Green Lantern and Superman are heroes whose stories found success in putting Action before story, I'm not saying that their stories in the comics suck, but because of their abilities they should be approached with the intention of showing a ton of action with a sprinkle of story. Heroes like Batman rely on atmosphere and story to bring out the full potential of their characters. I think if their is a Green Lantern 2, DC should look to make the movie follow a similar formula like Thor. Where we see a TON of action and mix it in with witty writing and a simpler story..also choosing a good villain is key (Hint: Sinestro and don't make him a bitch, make him terrifying)

Captain America: I just wasn't feeling seemed like it focused too much on the story or I just found Cap a boring character Iunno

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you guys must have not seen the smurfs or drive angry....transformers 3 is an oscar winner compared to those two

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Although I still very much liked it, Kung Fu Panda 2 didn't live up to my very high expectations.

captain america. But the avengers teaser made up for it.

The Hangover Part 2 was utter shit.

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Hangover 2....worst movie this year....most disappointing movie this year....and most unfunny movie this year....x.x So many more comedies that were so much better this year. Bridesmaids, Friends With Benefits, Crazy, Stupid Love, Horrible Bosses were all better comedies. In fact, I'd even say I laughed more during Bad Teacher and the Change-Up than I did during Hangover 2. :/

what the eff? people hate Cars 2 ? , oh goodness why do you guys like to follow what reviewers say, i never knew people actually hated it.

anyways my worst movie is Drive angry, the most ugliest John Milton Paradise Lost rip off and the pretty cheesy , stupid one at that, heck i just barely remember what happened since it was too forgetable, and the crappy 70's-like special effects don't help

Worst of the year so far for me has been Green Lantern. Just a worthless waste of mine and everyone's time.

Yeah, Cars 2 might be up in my top 2. I just realized I have never been more disappointed with a movie. It was an absolute bore fest, a real sleeper. And now that I think about it I don't know a single person who liked it. Not even children. We saw it in a group of 9 people, 5 of them being under the age of 9, and everyone was very bored and disappointed. The story almost seemed like it was for adults, yet it was very poorly delivered, hard to follow, boring to follow, and dragged on. Kids lost interest within the first 10 minutes. It had zero appeal to children, and adults will be bored to sleep.

I didn't hate any movies that I saw so far this year but I guess the least favorite of mine has to be Aliens vs Cowboys.