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Forums - Website Topics - Why even bother banning people?

tokilamockingbrd said:
I got banned awhile back because my 16 year old brother uses my account and is less mature about his dislike for the 360... they banned him for trolling... would have been nice to been about to at least log in and pm someone and explain what happened.

 Use A Unique Password.

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RolStoppable said:
--OkeyDokey-- said:
i find its almost impossible to get banned on this site unless you really try.
ive only been banned once and that was when my account got hacked and they used it to post "i'm gay" in every god damn thread.

I have never tried, but I have been banned already twice on this site. Austrians get banned quickly here, that's why there are only so few of them on VGChartz.

 I've noticed that. I think VGChartz needs a pro-Austrian moderator. All the moderators here are so anti-Austrian. There needs to be at least one mod that is pro-Austrian to help balance it out.

leo-j said:

It could be no body notices you..

On topic:

Ive been banned 12 times.

Gee that's harsh, I hope you notice me, like the 12,500 that already have

Girl Gamer Elite said:
Griffin said:
ssj12 said:
ClaudeLv250 said:
Griffin said:
Banning accounts is retarded, unless what they post is so offensive all posters should be left alone.

That's why they get banned, genius.



I guess I was wrong about Hus.


hmm.. was Hus GT... or no? if not the griffen was GT and isnt hus then he is fine.if he is then why the heck did he make 100 accoutns and attack the site. Id like to know which you are Grif. No mod will beban you.

I'm not Hus but the GT accounct may have been mine, i have never had 100 accounts but i have had my fair share, i have also talked with ioi and he is a pretty good guy and knows my history regarding other accounts and stuff like that.

Killzone3 was one too I'm sure. It's kind of sad you can't even remember all the accounts you've had.

Interesting! I'm not sure you should know this information. Your account was signed up well after Killzone3 became Griffin. Weird stuff indeed. Care to share?

twesterm said:
Terd Furguson, ha, funny name.

 Burt Reynolds is even funnier... Go see "Celebrity Jeopardy" from MADtv to get the whole story.