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Is there a new console or are peripherals now known as consoles? The contoller looks expensive - I'm sure it's attached to a new console.

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No simply because so far, there are still missing tons of other multiplat games that didn't get a mention.
No Rockstar, no Bethesda and no Activision at all. And I bet not every EA, Capcom and Ubisoft game will see a port.

Acevil said:
Euphoria14 said:
Not going to replace my PS3, however, depending on a what info comes in the next 6-12 months I may skip Vita or Wii U.

I am getting one or the other, not both.

If you want to make the most sound judgement you would view the next Nintendo e3 and release date, and compare to how you felt with this year NGP and release date. So remember this years feeling! Actually the best thing to do would be wait for next year e3.....also I thought handhelds priced at 249.99 were too much! :P :P

I'm not buying either at launch, lol.

However, by the time Wii U launches I might have some tax return to spend. I just know I need to have some kind of console experience that I can take away from the living room.

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Well that's a good question. I suppose most of the PS360 owners won't be interested by the new Nintendo console just's Nintendo. But if Nintendo can keep their Wii owners and add to that a 20-30% of PS360 owners, it means they will be even more dominant next gen than it is currently which is very promising to say the least.

how about just replacing the Wii with this??? thats what im gonna do, since the Wii will be useless by the time Wii U comes out

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Uhh, no. I'll actually need Nintendo games to play. I'm not interested in Darksiders, Metro, and Batman (why was this even applauded) when I can play them on my 360, in Batman's case way ahead of time. In all honesty, the Wii U was a big disappointment to me at least. How can you announce a Super Smash Bros. game and show absolutely nothing?

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lol @ the thread question.

It is not a case of whether you will abandon PS360 in favor of Wii U. It is a case of, next year, when you abandon the PS360, will you turn to Wii U or PS4/720.

chocoloco said:
No, It will not be long until wiiU is left behind again graphically by Sony and Micro.

Pretty impressive, can you please elaborate? I mean Wiiu, Sony and Microsoft haven't even released their next Gen specs. It seems you have some really good insider information....please share with us !

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I was prepared to get blown away, but I wasn't.  I didn't see anything I just HAD to play.  If I just wanted better graphics then I would get the games to run on my PC with DirectX 11.  They look better than anything I saw there, but as we all know, it's more than just graphics.

 While I like the idea of a extra small screen, 6.2 inches is just too small for me.  When I saw the little mii's with no arms again I was like, "Noooooo!"

 Then the same old Wiimotes, balance board, wiimote pluses, etc.   (It puts the jacket on, it takes the jacket off, it puts on the WM+, it takes it off and puts it in the steering wheel, etc.)

 Had they released it last year, I would probably have it.  But I've already gotten spoiled by speaking to my Netflix or Hulu+ and having it respond.  With the stuff MS is adding to Kinect it will only get better.

 Now they need to talk about the stats.  Do I get full 3D 1080P 60 frames a second and 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound?  Does it have a blu-ray (not that I need a second one.)  Can it stream Pandora, Netflix 3D/everything else?

 If it could run in Full 1080P and 3D then I might consider it when I get a 3D TV.  (Could it upscale and 3D my Super Mario Galaxy? - that would be totally cool and a potential changer.)  But by then it looks like the new PS4 or KinectHD/Nextbox will be around the corner. 



Really not sure I see any point of Consol over PC's since Kinect, Wii and other alternative ways to play have been abandoned. 

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a snowball has a better chance in hell then me abandoning both my PS3&360 for the WiiU